Epic Bralettes, Round Two

Technically, there was no “Epic Bralettes, Round One,” but there was a post documenting how I fell deeply in love with the wire-free life which I attribute only partially to Ilana Glazer’s constantly visible cage bra in Broad City. The lingerie lust was fast, and before I knew it, bralettes were everywhere!

I finally came around to them after realizing this: my girls want a break from underwire, and if I don’t care whether or not people can see my bra through my shirt (80% of the time, I don’t), why not have a really cute and/or cool bra that might actually add something to my outfit?

Let me get one thing clear, though, lingerie companies – bralettes do not have underwires, ok? Bralettes are the escape from wires, you fascist breast-herders! If you put wires into a bralette, you’re being what the Church of Scientology refers to as a “suppressive person” – and you do not want to be something that the Church of Scientology has a name for.

That one, simple rule aside, bralettes are now available in pretty much all of your major lingerie fabrics: lace, stretch cotton, satin, mesh, and of course, hundredsoftinystraps.

In fact, let’s start there.

Strappy Cage Bralettes

The hunt for the best strappy, oddly-modest bralette is ever-enduring, but due to the popularity of the cage bra look, these styles are popping up at some pretty unbelievably low prices from brands and stores that don’t suck!

Express, for instance, has a heavy handful of cage bralettes for under $20.

Express Strappy Cage Bralettes

Express Extreme Strappy Front Bralette, $16.90; Express Strappy Halter Bralette, $16.90; Lattice Back Bralette, $14.90

These look so good under loose, blousey shirts or under sheer or knit tops. Since having a visible bra doesn’t make me feel more exposed than if my bra was concealed, I might as well make it visually interesting, right? Cage bras and strappy bralettes are the way to go.

Basic T-Shirt Bralettes

On the polar opposite side of the bralette spectrum from cage bralettes, basic t-shirt bralettes exist. They’re a necessary staple for me (in fact, I’m wearing one right now), I can’t imagine my days off without them.

wireless bra t-shirt bralette casual

Spanx Loungerie Smooth Bralette, $38; Hurley Dri-Fit Bralette, $35; Calvin Klein Underwear One Microfiber Bralette, $32

Best of all, these three wire-free bras all have free shipping! Mostly Zappos and Neiman Marcus have free shipping all the time… but you can’t deny that free shipping makes these bras cuter.

Lace Bralettes

Everyone should have one lace bralette. There’s something so provocative and needlessly casual about a lace bralette, it’s the episode of comfortable luxury.

Affordable Lace Bralettes

h.dew Allie Racerback Bralette, $18; b.tempt’d by Wacoal Lace Kiss Bralette, $18Only Hearts So Fine Lace Bralette, $76

It’s also worth noting that affordable fashion giant American Eagle aka AE aka their underwear line Aerie constantly has a wide and gorgeous variety of wireless bras in stock and they’re almost always under $30. In fact, right now, many are on sale for only $20!

Aerie AE Lace Bralettes on the Cheap

Aerie Plunge Bralette, $29.95 $20; Aerie Romantic Lace Longline Bralette, $26.95 $20; Aerie Lace Racerback Bralette, $22.95 $20

The bralette on the far left is super special, obviously, because of its little fluttery lace cap sleeves. It reminds me of the For Love & Lemons Juliette Bra, who I will never be able to afford.

Really Cute Printed Bralettes

These don’t really have a common category outside of “omg really cute prints !!!” Sometimes, the prints remind me of tacky vintage couches…? I’m still unpacking the meaning behind that, but I definitely know that I’m fine with it.

Cute Inexpensive Printed Bralettes

Paul & Joe x Cosabella Bralette in Vermillion, $59; Hanky Panky Fruits Lace Bralette$48 $29; RVCA Lazy Day Floral Bralette, $29

Next time, in Epic Bralettes, Round Three, there will undoubtedly be a “floral bralettes” section because I can’t deny it – I’m salivating over those flower illustrations and it has nothing to do with the boobs that they’re on. I love florals more than (some) boobs!

Extended & Plus Size Bralettes

As a gal whose weight fluctuates with each passing season, I appreciate a bra that freaking fits. I’ve spent too much of my life trying to squeeze into cute lingerie items in standard sizes, and no matter how cute a bra is, 34Fs aren’t going to fit into something made for a 32C. It’s just science.

I snuck in a plus sized bralette up there in the lace section – did you even notice? Good job, lingerie designers, for understanding that plus sized gals actually don’t want to look like houses!

Plus Size Affordable Bralettes Cage Lace T Shirt

Torrid Strappy Lace Bralette, $34.50 $25.87;  Flex Seamless Bralette with Keyhole Back, $19.99 $11.99Simply Be Daisy Lace Bralette, $19.99

Plus Size Cage Bralettes in Colorful Lace

Curvy Couture Lace Trim Wireless Bralette, $44; Torrid Strappy Lace Bralette, $34.50 $25.87; Old Navy Lace Bralette, $24.94

Curvy Couture is a brand I’ve reviewed before, and in retrospect I wish I had gotten their wireless bralette instead of the wired version of that exact bra! Torrid, as you may have discovered already, has a bunch of bralettes in beautiful colors and styles for under $30, and they’re also on sale right now. It must be bralette season!

Where did you get your favorite bralette?

Probably watching Netflix.

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