After a Breakup… Turn His Gifts into Cash

We’ve all been there. The idea of happily ever after ends, speaking to each other is not allowed, and yet you are stuck with all…this…stuff. Looking at the things he left, and gifts he bought you brings out the “toss it” reflex, but before you throw things away, think twice. Wouldn’t it be so much sweeter to trade in spoiled mementos for cash? Use it to fund a vacation, buy décor for redecorating or for a fashionable new wardrobe.  Here are some great websites that make trading in online easy:

Jewelry Watches and Diamonds: For your anniversary he bought you a Tiffany necklace, diamond ring, or maybe he just left his Rolex at your place. Either way, WP Diamonds is one of the best websites for selling diamonds, jewelry and luxury watches. As the largest online dealer, they offer as much as 10% more than most websites, making the process seamless by paying for shipping and contacting sellers with an offer within 24 hours of valuation. In person appointments are also available in their offices.

Clothes: He left his best suit at your place. Ooops! Clothes Mentor can help you turn that Armani suit into cash for supplementing your own fabulous wardrobe upgrades. Repurpose his good taste, tastefully.

Handbags: For your anniversary he gifted you a designer handbag, which is great except that’s what you think of whenever you look at your croc skin baby. No need to go down memory lane every time you reach for your wallet. Websites like Rebagg, Fashionphile and Bag Borrow or Steal make it easy to mail in your bag in for a quote and cash within days.

Electronics: If a smartphone, laptop, or tablet was a gift, but not exactly the one you wanted, no need to pretend to care anymore. Sell it online to NextWorth for cash or drop by one of their participating partner retailers, such as Target, to obtain credit for an exchange.

Books: Did he leave his old textbooks over while he was studying for grad school? Selling them back has never been easier. Just type or scan the ISBN onto Sell Back Your Book for a cash quote or trade them into Amazon for a gift card.

Gift Cards: Don’t know what to do with his collection of Home Depot gift cards? Don’t worry. Gift Card Granny is here to save you.  Buy and sell gift cards online, and comparison shop on sites for what other websites buy them for. This is the perfect time to trade in for an American Airlines gift card towards a one-way ticket to paradise.

Event Tickets: Now that you’re no longer committed to going to Monster Jam and watching trucks drive in circles for hours, now would be a good time to cash in those tickets and use the money for an event you’d actually enjoy. Stub Hub makes it easy to sell tickets for anything. With free listings and multiple payment options. Swooning over Enrique Iglesias in concert is a good option.

CDs/DVDs/Video Games: He bought video games and left them at your place, as well as a slew of his favorite CDs. His bad. Decluttr offers to buy everything, as long as a minimum of 10 items are shipped at a time.

Furniture: Did you buy nice furniture together, but now don’t want to look at that couch again? No problem. For those with great taste, Viyet is an interior design marketplace for listing couches, tables, light fixtures, you name it.

Car: He bought you a car for your birthday, but you don’t want to think about him every time you step in to commute to work? Donate it to Habitat for Humanity’s Cars for Homes project which you can get a tax deduction for when you efile. Donations go towards raising money to build and rehabilitate houses for families in need. Bonus: they tow it away for you.

Photographs: Did you use him as your subject as you experimented with a photography hobby? Think twice before deleting your professional images. Sell them to websites like Shutterstock and get 25 cents each time your image of him, his dog, or his rustic table is downloaded. The look on his face will be priceless when he sees it on a billboard, and your pockets will be a little bit heavier.

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