The Most Ingenious Bracelet Ever: Busy Girl Bangle

A few months ago, I came across a tiny feature in a fashion magazine about a bracelet called the Busy Girl Bangle. I never forgot about it, and that’s noteworthy because bracelets usually bore the crap out of me.

Usually, bracelets are the last thing I care about – I think I own maybe three including this Pencils for Promise cuff. Bracelets, bangles and cuffs just don’t… do it for me, you know? If bracelets are going to hold my attention (instead of just banging against my keyboard), I really need them to be clever. Most of the time, cleverness is what sells me on styles that are outside of my comfort zone. And the Busy Girl Bangle is one of the cleverest. It’s Mount Cleverest.

hair band hidden hair tie elastic bracelet

hair band hidden hair tie elastic bracelet

The design is simple: a gold bangle-style bracelet (aka a rigid circle and no clasps) with linked plates on the outside and a black band through the middle.

The keyword there is band. Around the middle of this warm-toned gold bracelet is an elastic hair tie. A ponytail holder aka life saver fits perfectly into the groove that runs through the center of the bangle.

hair band hidden hair tie elastic bracelet

hair band hidden hair tie elastic bracelet

If you have ponytail-length hair, you know what I’m talking about when I call this thing a life saver. Whether you’re about to get mixed up in some serious cleaning or maybe you just got mixed up in some Fireball and Jaeger, hair elastics are the difference between controlled hair and, well… badness.

Also, if you’ve had long hair for a long time, you know that keeping an elastic hair tie around your wrist can create actual grooves in your skin. They can even cut off the circulation to your hand! Having the tie wrapped around this bangle totally eliminates the contact the hair tie has with your skin.

Those of you who are allergic to metal remember that itchy little green and red rash that would pop up on your wrist from back when hair ties had little metal fasteners on them. Eff that, truly. This is such a better option, and the bangle has a stainless steel base and the plating doesn’t give me – the most allergic-to-metal person I’ve ever met – any type of reaction.

In fact, now that I think about it, the stainless steel base is what gives this bracelet the nice, luxurious weight. It’s not heavy, but it definitely doesn’t feel cheap, it actually feels expensive, if you know what I mean.

hair band hidden hair tie elastic bracelet

The Busy Girl Bangle comes with a total of three hair bands – one on the bracelet and two extras. They come in three colors: silver, gold, and rose gold. (Mine is gold.) (Obviously.) Even the extra hair bands have the little heart-shaped charm. Obviously any hair tie will probably work, but the ones that they include are extra cute.

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Busy Girl Bangle - Hair Tie Jewelry

Pick up one of these from Go Girl Designs for $25. This is a cute gift idea, so snag one for your friend with crazy hair that’s always out of control, or your friend who always comes to the gym with hair everywhere who always asks you if you have an extra hair tie. No more excuses, hairy friend!

Busy Girl Bangle by Go Girl Designs, $25