CapriClear Fractionated Coconut Oil

Over the last couple of months, I have been trying to take better care of my skin – not just the skin on my face, but also the other 95% that covers the rest of my body. I’ve admittedly been neglecting it for years, finding all-over moisturizing to be really arduous (because I’m lazy) and greasy (because, well, it’s moisture).

I was sent this CapriClear Fractionated Coconut Oil Spray as a really gentle option for all-over moisturizing because I have extremely sensitive skin that likes to give me a hard time at any given opportunity. Basically, I get a rash from anything made of metal and I’ll bruise if you hug me too hard. It’s dumb.

CapriClear Fractionated Coconut Oil Review

The difference between this bottle of fractionated coconut oil and the jar of liquified or too-solid-to-scoop oil (literally depending on the day) in your kitchen is… well, fractionated coconut oil is technically only a fraction… of coconut oil. It’s had its lauric acid removed, which among other things reduces the melting point and therefore never turns into a solid, even if you refrigerate it. This removes not only the coconut smell that reminds you of tanning oil burning people to a crisp on Florida beaches, but it also makes this coconut oil hypoallergenic!

Nearly half of the stuff that makes coconut oil crazy good for your insides come from the long-chain fatty acid, lauric acid, so fractionated coconut oil isn’t used for cooking. But it’s really good at keeping the skin hydrated. Here’s some really good information about the science behind fractionated coconut oil, if you’re curious!

CapriClear Fractionated Coconut Oil Review

CapriClear was recently awarded the National Eczema Association Seal for their Fractionated Coconut Oil as it is an excellent treatment for that itchy, annoying, and incredibly common skin condition. This is where the “hypoallergenic” part of this product really shines (literally) – everyone can use it! I had eczema as a kid, it manifested in circular, itchy rashes on the inside of my elbows. I used some high-strength prescription stuff to keep it at bay, but I definitely would have preferred this!

Another bonus for people with skin ailments or rashes: this stuff is a liquid spray. Anyone who has had a dermatological issue knows that you are highly discouraged from touching your skin in the affected areas because it almost always makes things worse. Itching something itchy makes everything else itchy, and so on. This spray is a completely hands-off way to keep your skin moisturized.

On top of all of this pro-health stuff, I’ll let you know quickly that CapriClear Fractionated Coconut Oil is:


It’s pretty easy to see why people are basically bathing their outsides and insides in this stuff.

Now. The amount of ways to use CapriClear Fractionated Coconut Oil rivals that of Nivea’s famous cold cream, and I’d wager that it goes even further because you can use this fractionated coconut oil for non-beauty applications, as well. I mean, honestly, the number of uses for this product would require a strong drink or two and a full evening to really hammer out. Until we can rent out a bar together and all meet up to discuss the wonders of coconut oil, we’ll just have to stick with this:

Decidedly Unfinished List of Ways I Successfully Used CapriClear Fractionated Coconut Oil

Body moisturizer! I spray this from neck to toe every other day or so, or when I’m feeling super lazy, I just spritz my elbows and hands, rub it in really quickly and I’m on my way. Usually to bed.

Makeup corrector. Spraying a little bit on the end of a cotton swab let me correct errant eyeliner and lipstick smears!

Makeup remover. Spraying some on a cotton ball let me remove the majority of my makeup at the end of the day. For waterproof mascara, you might want to use an actual dedicated makeup remover, but for face, eyes, and especially lips, this stuff is great.

Makeup brush cleaner. Use coconut oil on natural hair brushes, as the bristles will absorb the oil and keep them healthy. After you’ve conditioned and de-gunked them, swipe the bristles across a bar of natural soap and give them a little suds to get rid of the excess oil!

Hair conditioner. Just like your favorite shine serum, you can spray this coconut oil onto the ends of your hair for really soft and conditioned tips!

Scars and stretch marks. Look up this incredibly popular skin claim and you’ll see thousands of anecdotal stories of coconut not only preventing stretch marks among pregnant women, but stories of pre-existing stretch marks actually fading after a regular daily coconut oil regimen! Stretch marks also fade on their own, but it sounds like keeping the skin hydrated may be able to speed up that process.

Massage oil. Masseuses and home massage connoisseurs dig this oil for its clear, non-sheet-staining properties, as well as its seemingly never-ending moisturizing ability. A little goes a long way!

Essential oil carrier. Add any essential oil to some fractionated coconut oil and you can rest assured that all the good compounds in the essential oils will get into your skin and start working ASAP thanks to the oil’s ability to quickly penetrate the skin. If you know what oil you need for your skin ailment, use fractionated coconut oil to administer it!

Itchy scalp. Recently, I gave my boyfriend a terrible haircut with clippers and we had to buzz his entire head. Oops. He has an itchy scalp from time to time and this whole process didn’t help. Quickly spraying this and massaging it in definitely did help, though!

This list felt short compared to the number of ways I’ve used this little bottle (which you can see is still 3/4 full!), but I’m sure I’ll rush back and add to this as soon as I come up with the rest of the ways we’ve benefitted from CapriClear Fractionated Coconut Oil!

Where to find CapriClear Fractionated Coconut Oil

You can buy this fractionated coconut oil right off of CapriClear’s website for only $10.99, if you like the size I have (1.9 fl. oz.), or if you envision yourself really blasting through that size, grab the 5.2 fl. oz. size for $19.99.

As far as other locations go, you can find CapriClear here:

Walgreens: 5.2 fl. oz. for $16.99 (+$5.99 shipping)

PharmaPacks: 5.2 fl. oz for $16.38 (+$1.99 shipping)

ACareOTC: 5.2 fl. oz. for $16.39 (+$3.99 shipping) 5.2 fl. oz. for $19.99 (+$5.99 shipping)

Overstock: 5.2 fl. oz. for $19.51 (+$2.95 shipping)

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