Celebrate Earth Month with a Neutrogena Naturals Giveaway

Wondering why the giveaways are stacking up like pizza boxes at a frat party? Well, it’s Earth Month, and please don’t forget to put those pizza boxes into the yard waste/compost bin. Every April, I get crazy with the giveaways because there’s nothing I love more than free ethical & eco-friendly products.

Neutrogena Naturals makes some really amazing Neutrogena® Naturals Purifying Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes that I fell in love with a year ago, but this year I got to try out the Neutrogena Purifying Facial Cleanser and the Multi-Vitamin Nourishing Moisturizer, too, which both impressed me considering they’re affordable, and have an upgraded list of excluded ingredients:

No sulfates
No parabens
No petrolatum
No dyes
No phthalates

Neutrogena Naturals Giveaway - 6

Neutrogena launched their Neutrogena Naturals line in an effort to make their commitment to the environment (and the health of your skin) crystal clear. Even the cartons are made from 100% recycled paper with 60% post-consumer recycled content, which uses 75% less water.

They’ve also done their best to take a look at their skincare formulas and figure out which ingredients could be naturally derived as opposed to synthetically created. This meant utilizing ingredients like willow bark, yerba mate, and Peruvian Tara seed oil, and several others to access the bioavailable nutrients as opposed to getting them from a lab-created product.

The Purifying Cleanser left my skin feeling not only incredibly clean, but also really smooth. There aren’t exfoliating properties in this cleanser, but the way it sloughed off the crap on my skin was really amazing. Following up with the moisturizer, I was worried it would be too heavy but it absorbed into my combination-on-the-oily-side skin and didn’t leave me feeling greasy or anything.

The wipes are wipes. (Read: Amazing at what they do. Read more about my thoughts on these wipes if you really, really care!)

Neutrogena Naturals has given me 3 skincare sets (seen above) to give away! 

*** Update: Giveaway is now closed! ***

Here’s an excellent way to participate in Earth Month without spending any money – literally any! I have three sets of skincare basics from Neutrogena Naturals to give away to three lucky winners! This includes the same products listed and photographed above. Grab your lucky mouse and enter below!

Neutrogena Naturals Skincare Set Giveaway

Open to US & Canada. Good luck!