Colourpop’s Holiday 2016 Releases are Kind of Irresistable

In a very generous display of marketing, Colourpop let everyone on their email list take a sneak-peek of the Colourpop Holiday 2016 releases. They’re all going to be available to purchase tomorrow (November 10, 2016), but now you can pick what you want ahead of time instead of risking a sell-out!

Included in the Colourpop Holiday 2016 releases are:

  • 4 Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks
  • 3 Ultra Glossy Lip Glosses
  • 2 Ultra Satin Liquid Lipsticks
  • 2 Highlighters
  • 4 Eyeshadows
  • 3 Bundles/Value Sets
    • Ultra Glossy Lip bundle
    • Eyeshadow bundle
    • Lippie Stix bundle

The value sets contain beautiful, curated collections of products, hardly any of which are new. Each one has a super cute vinyl record theme with a different color scheme. The packaging for all of the holiday 2016 products looks new, with added blue-black roses and black components (instead of white or silver) on the lip products and shadows. It’s kinda smexy.

The downside to this bundles is that you’re not actually saving any money by buying them. You could buy all six of products in the eyeshadow and Lippie Stix bundles by themselves for $5 each and end up paying the exact same price, so these kits are likely all about the packaging.

Never Not Chillin Eyeshadow Bundle, $30

The eyeshadows included in the Never Not Chillin bundle (as seen from L-R above) are: Peekaboo, Thirsty Girl, Patchwork, Desert, Babykins, and Fairfax.

The eyeshadows in the Never Not Chillin bundle are all new shades, except for Desert, but these are all in Colourpop’s new black packaging. In addition to the eyeshadow bundle above, Colourpop is also releasing four metallic Super Shock Shadows which are available individually.


Colourpop Holiday 2016 Metallic Eyeshadows

Holiday 2016 Metallic Super Shock Shadows (clockwise, top left): Koosh, Sleigh, Just For Fun, Tinsel$6 each

These are all incredibly metallic with a high-shine finish. It sounds like some of these shadows are re-releases from last year’s Holiday collection. If you’ve never use a metallic Colourpop shadow, you are in for a treat. Aside from the fun, comfy texture of the product, itself, the color and metallic payoff is intense. A little goes a long way. And these could all be used as highlighters, if you ask me.

Speaking of highlighters, there are two highlight shades included in the Holiday 2016 releases, as well.

Colourpop Holiday 2016 Highlight Colors

Holiday 2016 Super Shock Cheek Highlighters: Strapped & Fanny Pack, $8 each

In the lipstick department, there is lots and lots of fun to be had.

Colourpop Kiss and Tell Lip Gloss Set - Holiday 2016

Kiss And Tell Ultra Glossy Lip Bundle, $30

The glosses included in the Kiss And Tell bundle (as they appear from L-R above) are: Tight Fit, Playback, Swinger, Furry, and Flatline.

This offers five, slightly smaller products containing hyper-sparkly gloss shades, including one of the new releases, Furry. If you love metallic, glittery lip glosses, I would totally pick up this set for a great range of shades with high-shine, metallic finishes.

But if you happen to love glosses that break the barriers of traditional lip gloss… You might need one of the new duochrome Ultra Glossy lip glosses.

Colourpop Holiday 2016 Ultra Glossy Lip gloss releases (duochrome)

Holiday 2016 Ultra Glossy Lip Gloss: Nonsense, Kink, Furry, $6 each

Yes! Well, two out of three are duochrome, Furry is just a beautiful, metallic burgundy. Duochrome means the glosses have a sheen in one color that shifts to a different color when light hits it from a different angle. I have many duochrome indie shadows in my collection, but having a gloss would be super fun! Nonsense is a lavender gloss with a pink shift and silver finish, and Kink is a bright pink with violet shift.

lipstick set

To And From Lippie Stix Bundle, $30

The Lippie Stix included in the To And From bundle (as they appear from L-R) are: Parker, Cami, Baewatch, Weekender, Tutu, and Pack Pack.

Six Lippie Stix are included in the To And From bundle, and I was able to find only one of them (Cami) in the pre-existing collection of Lippie Stix – the rest are new! Admittedly, this is one of the only lip products that I haven’t tried from Colourpop, but I have had my eye on Cami for actual months…

There are also quite a few liquid lipstick releases in both matte and satin formulas, and a couple of lip glosses, too!

Colourpop Holiday 2016 Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Holiday 2016 Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks: Wild Nothing, Embellish, Knotty, Perky$6 each

Colourpop’s matte lipsticks are pretty much iconic at this point. These four colors are some surprisingly neutral additions to their extremely trendy collection of matte liquid lipstick shades. Two of the shades look almost identical – Wild Nothing and Perky – but Wild Nothing has a tiny bit more depth and warmth than Perky. Knotty is just a basic, warm taupe which is a stark contrast to the demand Colourpop has been meeting for wild & crazy colors.

Colourpop Holiday 2016 Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick Releases

Holiday 2016 Ultra Satin Liquid Lipsticks: Wink & Bijou, $6 each

Only two little Ultra Satin releases, which is surprising since this seems to have rapidly taken over as the favorite of Colourpop’s liquid lipstick formulas. They’re both pink-based and very wearable across skin tones, which is nice. I haven’t tried the Satin formula, either, but this might be a nice, safe introduction for me. I love Wink, but the cool-toned Bijou might be more irresistible. I hardly have any cool-toned lipsticks!

That’s it for the Colourpoop 2016 Holiday releases! Which were your favorite products? Anything you don’t like? 


Probably watching Netflix.

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