Last Minute Stocking Stuffers: Cricket’s Happy Hair Ties & 99 Bobby Pins

As soon as I saw these tins, my heart started fluttering. I’m weak for nostalgia, and these clever beauty tins send me thousands of memories while the contents also make me feel safe in an entirely different way. Each adorable (affordable) gift tin from Cricket is full of beauty emergency tools: bobby pins and hair elastics.

Remember these tins, ’80s and ’90s kids?

They used to contain bandaids. Now they hold things that can save your day from becoming a stage four disaster. Plus, they double as adorable keepsakes!

One tin is packed with 50 strong, black hair elastics and reads “I hope that wherever my HAIR TIES go they’re HAPPY, that’s all that matters.” The other tin says “I got 99 bobby pins, but I can’t find one” which would be so relatable if that tin weren’t actually full of 99 bobby pins – but it is!

Happy Hair Ties, $8.95 at Ulta
99 Bobby Pins Tins, $9.95 at Ulta

Cricket released these earlier in the season and I wish I had jumped on it sooner. Now, they’re no longer available online, but there are still some Cricket tins available in-store at Ulta!

This is a cute gift not only for the ladies in your family, but your barista, UPS or mail┬álady, kid’s teacher… You know, the women who work hard every day and make your life easier. (I’m looking at you, barista!)

Click here to find your nearest Ulta. If you see them while you do your last minute shopping this weekend, definitely grab them! They’re limited edition and have the potential to turn a disaster into a triumph for every long-haired man, woman, and child you know.

(Dramatic but true.)