(A)DD: Get a $445 Rosseau Watch for Under $25 (Seriously!)

Expensive watches have never been on my radar, but this one caught my eye due to the antique colors and simple design that also managed to be interesting and modern. The brand “Rosseau” meant nothing to me until I saw that two of the colors were marked down 95%. Ninety-five percent. And at 95% off, the watch was priced at $23.33 so that means that the original price of this watch is… $445? 

Rosseau Lace Overlay Watch - Red

Can this be real?

Rousseau is a very, very old Swiss brand and they’ve been making watches for almost ever. Their craftsmanship ranges from average to astronomically expensive – we’re talking several thousand dollars for one ticker. And it’s not even a real human heart, it’s just a watch.

Rosseau Lace Overlay Watch - Mint

Whether or not this watch is worth all $445 of its original asking dollars (and the current asking dollars of the coral version), I can almost promise you that it’s worth $23.33. The strap is genuine leather, and that alone is usually worth about $30 on a watch. It has Japanese Quartz MOvement which means just about nothing to me, but I think that confirms that it’s a real watch that’s actually going to tell time.

You can pick it up in the pink, or mint color (UPDATE: the mint green is gone!) and if you have an extra $450, the coral! These watches are so cool because lace is usually part of a design that’s really busy and intricate, whereas these watches have the cool geometries of lace in small amounts. Since it’s the main feature of the design, the delicateness can be appreciated while keeping the rest of the lines and colors clean and bold. I also love how everything is all one color! Power to monochrome!

Rousseau Lace Watch, $445 $23.33

Sold out!

Probably watching Netflix.