Dedicated: 10 Unconventional Ideas for the First Date

First dates make everyone tense. Sometimes, you just don’t know what to talk about sitting at a coffee shop table. Perhaps you need another scenario than just a dinner to loosen up? Our experts from where you can date russian wives prepared the top 10 original first-date ideas. Keep reading!

  1. Head to a karaoke bar

This trick is often used in team building. Members come together, drink, sing, and get along. How about you try it with a potential mate? Don’t be too nervous about your vocal – that’s just to have fun! We only recommend you not to drink more than one glass of wine.

  1. Take up dancing

If you aren’t really into singing, that’s an alternative. Search for dancing master classes nearby, grab your date and enjoy the process. Again, this isn’t about your magnificent skills. Joint physical activity always brings people closer – that’s what scientists proved long ago.  

  1. Set a picnic

Quite a simple and, by all means, relaxing scenario. If the weather is fine, pack your food and have a lunch in nature. Picturesque views, fresh air, and flower scent always create the right atmosphere to calm down and share your mind.

  1. Try horseback riding

Huh, not all of us are born to be riders, but if you and your date seek new experience – do it! This is indeed a romantic stuff. Just make sure you can really deal with those animals before moving out of the paddock.

  1. Spend a day by the water

Is there a sea, a river, or a lake nearby your home? Then, how about going to a beach? As we believe, no venue could be more inviting for lovers-to-be. Speaking becomes much easier while strolling by the waterline and watching the sunset (or, maybe, the sunrise?).

  1. Cook a dinner together

Whether cookery is your hobby, you may use it to conquer a future partner’s heart. Preparing meals together is really fun and uniting. You always have what to talk about and where to put your hands shaking from anxiety. If one of you is a more skilled cooker, you will also learn something new.

  1. Attend a fest

Outdoor events normally provide the plenty of impressions, amusements, and things to discuss. Look for some carnival, fest, concert, or fair in your living area. To be honest, this is one of the solid ways to get to know each other and test if you have a lot in common.

  1. Visit a museum

Education may not be that boring. For those who love opening new horizons, this may be the best choice. Not that it must be a museum itself – a planetarium or some exhibition will work as well. Likewise, you will test out your date’s braininess.

  1. Have a trivia night

Playing trivia may work as both icebreaker and compatibility tester. Hang out in a local bar, laugh, and win prizes. Such occasions normally include a bit of drinking. Thus, you will quickly get along and share knowledge of various things.

  1. Test yourself in rock climbing

Put the two of you in an environment, where your bodies will produce adrenaline. If you are passionate for adventures, heights will literally bring your bond to the next level. It’s not necessary to do this in nature: summit climbing gyms are also good.