Dedicated: Tips For Purchasing Loose Wholesale Diamonds

Diamonds are forever. This slogan has been around for decades but is only true if you purchase a legitimate certified diamond. Nowadays, more and more men are buying loose wholesale diamonds because couples like to custom design the engagement ring together. While this trend has become popular, it’s imperative that you use caution so don’t get taken advantage of.

1. Carat – The carat size is very important because it basically determines what size of diamond you’ll end up purchasing. If you’re on a budget, you can save some money by buying a .98 carat diamond instead of a full carat and no one will ever know the difference.

2. Cut – Make sure you know which grading system the retailer uses because different retailers use different terms to describe diamond cuts.

Some, like the GIA, use basic terminology like Poor to Excellent; while others use terms like Excellent and Ideal, leaving consumers confused.

The cut is one of the most important factors because a well-cut and faceted diamond will still sparkle even if it’s not colourless.

3. Colour – Diamonds are rated on a scale of D to Z in colour, basically from being totally colourless to being yellow. For the best value, find a diamond between G and J. They’ll look colourless to virtually anyone and cost a great deal less.

4. Clarity – Clarity and carat weight often go together because the larger the diamond, the easier it is to see imperfections. If you only buy a one-carat diamond, you can technically find one with slight imperfections and no one could easily tell; or you could go up a level and get one with very slight imperfections.

  • Decide on a diamond shape. Round brilliant diamonds sparkle fabulously, but you can also find some stunning princess-cut or even fancy shaped diamonds like the heart or marquise shape. Just find a professional jeweller and ask which one would work best with the potential ideas you have for your ring and see if he can help you.
  • Shop at an actual store. This allows you to ask knowledgeable jewellers questions, as well as examine the diamond under a microscope to check for any flaws.
  • Find a reputable jeweller. Read customer reviews and testimonials but most importantly check to see if they are backed by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).In addition, ask if the diamonds come with an independent grading certificate and see if they use trusted well-known laboratories, such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or GS Laboratories (GSL). If you are looking for diamond jewellery in Toronto, try Diamonds for Less as they are certified by both.
  • Look at the diamonds you’re interested in carefully side-by-side. This allows you to analyze its brilliance and sparkle, colour, cut and shape. It also lets you check for any flaws under a microscope and see which diamond best meets your needs.

Every diamond is unique, largely in part from being produced from mines all over the world. It’s your job to find a diamond as special and unique as your fiancé.