Dedicated: 4 Ways for Your Family to Enjoy Cheaper Vehicle Ownership

Many busy families can hardly imagine life without a car. Their vehicles take them to and from soccer practices, music lessons, and summer camps, just to name a few. Using a car frequently can result in a major household expense, but there are several things you can do so your car trips are as inexpensive as possible, and it’s less costly to be a car owner.

Combine Your Errands When Possible

Whenever it makes sense, plan your route so you’re able to take fewer trips by getting more done during each journey. Taking that approach may cause you to be in your car for longer lengths of time, but if you’re smart about where you go and when, you might discover you take fewer trips overall, and waste less time because you’re going to places that are already convenient to reach.

Get a Gas Credit Card

If you’re thinking about applying for your first credit card, or are interested in getting a credit card from a different provider, do research and see if you can find gas credit cards that suit your spending habits. Most give cash back on fuel purchases and other gas station merchandise, so even though you still have to spend money, you’ll get cash returned to you as a result of some car-related expenditures.

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Use the Least Expensive Fuel Your Car Can Tolerate

Perhaps you’ve gotten in the habit of purchasing premium gas for your car because it was recommended to you by a dealership. It’s worthwhile to take a look at your vehicle’s owner’s manual and refer to the section that discusses recommended fuel types. You may learn your car should still run smoothly and you won’t do any damage to the mechanics after putting a cheaper kind of fuel into the tank.

Ask an Insurance Professional How to Save More

Insurance is one of the built-in expenses of having a car. Although you may not ever need to file a claim, it’s against the law in most states to operate an uninsured vehicle, and doing so could lead to large fines. However, you might be taking costlier-than-necessary car trips by paying too much for coverage.

Get help by reaching out to an insurance agent and asking him or her whether the coverage you have is appropriate, and if there are ways to reduce costs, such as by switching to a plan with a higher deductible. If you don’t already have an insurance agent, it’ll probably be easier to find one than you think. In Seattle alone, there are over a dozen agents working for a single insurer.

Once you’ve chosen a plan, communicate with your agent periodically as your situation changes. That’ll ensure you’re not needlessly paying too much to cover your car. Because insurance agents have insight that’s not known to the general public, staying in touch with yours could help you save money immediately and over time.

Although driving may be one of the more expensive necessities in your life, it doesn’t have to be so cost intensive. Try these savvy suggestions today.

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