Dedicated: 5 Myths of Laser Hair Removal Debunked

With the growing popularity of laser hair removal, it’s easy to be fed masses of incorrect information. Although it can be a rewarding and worthwhile treatment, it’s important to know exactly what the process is and how it’s going to affect you. There are a lot of scary stories out there about laser hair removal, and it can be easy to think that they are true! We’ve collected the best and most reputable information on laser hair removal, in order to debunk the most common myths.

  1. Laser hair removal is painful

This is an old wives tale, perhaps left over from when laser hair removal was in its very primitive stages. With modern machines, you experience minimal discomfort.  There are also numbing creams available if you have a particularly low pain threshold. A common comparison is that laser hair removal feels like an elastic band flicking against your skin, however some people say they don’t feel anything at all!

  1. Laser hair removal doesn’t work on fair hair

Like any new technology, laser hair removal has developed in leaps and bounds over the past decade. There once was a point when laser hair removal wasn’t ideal for fair hair, but those days are far behind us. There is a special oil which can be applied which puts melanin into the hair. As laser hair removal work by targeting the melanin – ginger or blond hair can be targeted the same as darker hair shades.

  1. Laser hair removal doesn’t work on dark skin

This is similar to the myth about laser hair removal and fair hair. At one point it did used to be true, but the technology to successfully treat dark skinned patients has been around for quite a while. As we a discussed above the melanin in the hair needs to be targeted for the process to work. However, as aforementioned, there have now been technological advancements to remedy this problem! If you’re unsure whether your skin and hair type would be ideal for laser hair removal, it’s best to contact your laser hair clinic for more information.

Laser Hair Removal Myths 1

  1. Laser hair removal is expensive

Most people just look at the bulk cost for several laser hair removal treatments and see quite a high number. However, you need to look at this from a bigger perspective. Think about how many times you would have to wax or shave for the rest of your life, and the cost of this. Quite a lot, isn’t it? In comparison, laser hair removal is actually far cheaper and far more efficient.

  1. Laser hair removal can affect fertility
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Again, this is another scary story told by people who have no idea what they’re talking about. Because the laser is designed to target the hair follicle, it will not penetrate further than just below the skin surface, and not deep enough to affect any organs.

As with any treatment, it is always best to get advice from a professional who knows what they’re talking about. So whether you’ve had laser hair removal before or you’re looking into getting it done for the first time, hopefully this list has debunked some of the scarier myths for you.