Dedicated: The 5 Rules of Dressing to Impress

Whether it’s for that all important job interview or a first date, stick to these five foolproof rules of dressing to impress.

1. Know that style is personal

The clothes you wear should be a reflection of who you are as an individual. Your personal style can be an excellent way of letting the people around you know your interests and tastes. Your sense of style is a way of giving the rest of the world an immediate insight into your personality.

Many people can often form an idea or opinion about you based on the way you dress. Maybe if you wear a lot of monochromatic clothing, people may assume that you prefer minimal, classical and more simplistic trends. Whereas if your wardrobe includes many colourful pieces with a mix of patterns, you could be perceived as an extroverted person who does not take their style of dressing as seriously. These are all generalisations, but you get the gist, your clothing should ultimately be something you enjoy wearing and should express your personality, so have fun with it.

2. Try a personal shopping experience

Personal shopping can be a great way of trying out new things that you may not have normally picked for yourself. A professional personal shopper will always listen to what you like and do not like when it comes to clothing and choose items that will complement your personality. They will also have ideas on ways to update your wardrobe with key pieces that will integrate well with your personal taste. Personal shoppers are also well known for picking items that will suit your body type and accentuate the areas you might want to draw attention to. Getting an outsider’s perspective on what suits you can also be good if you are currently struggling to identify your unique sense of style.

Blogger: Ginger Girl Knows It All
Blogger: Ginger Girl Knows It All

3. Dress for your body type

We all know the feeling of lusting after that trendy item and when we finally get our hands on it and try it on, it looks nothing like it did on the model. It is important to identify your specific body shape and to dress in clothing that will work well with it. Dressing correctly for our body types can really help to either draw attention away from areas of our bodies we are not happy with or exaggerate areas that we love and are proud of. On the other hand, wearing clothes that are ill suited to our shapes can have the complete opposite effect. For example, if you are a larger lady wearing baggy clothes in an attempt to hide your figure, it can often make you look bigger than you are. Instead, opt for pieces that are more fitted and draw attention to smaller areas of your body such as the waist, legs of neck/collarbone.

4. Embrace new Trends

Trends can often be a little scary, even to the most fashion savvy women. Embracing the latest trends doesn’t have to mean dressing out of your comfort zone or spending a small fortune on each seasons must-have pieces. Work trendy pieces into your own personal style and if in doubt, pick one statement item and wear it with more basic pieces that you know will work well together. Remember that trends can come and go out of style very quickly, so buying smaller items such as a pair of shoes and incorporating them into your existing wardrobe can be a good way of always staying current and on trend whilst staying true to your own personal style.

5. Always accessorize

Accessorizing can really make or break an outfit and as mentioned above can be key in keeping up-to-date on the latest fashion trends. For most of us, choosing accessories can be a lot less overwhelming when it comes to pushing the boundaries of what fashion means to us. A great pair of shoes, sunglasses or earrings can give a much needed pop of colour to an otherwise basic ensemble or can add a sense of fun to a formal outfit.

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