Dedicated: 5 Student Fashion Trends that are Out of Date

Some styles and outfits are consistent over time, however, some become out of date. You can order an essay whenever you want to, thus find some time to read this article in order to be a fashionable student. If you want to look trendy at least in this decade, then look at Top 5 fashion trends discussed below that are old and should be cleaned out of your wardrobe. However, some styles have a “come & go” tendency that can repeat over and over again. Thus, do not throw your clothes away after this article, save them and give to your children some years after as an old-school present. Read about the history of vintage preppy style to see the clothes that can become trendy a few years after.

In addition, in this article you will see some alternatives that can replace your out of date clothes.

These shoes are usually worn by those guys, who bought them when they entered university. Let’s forget about 90’s and start living in these days. We understand that some men do not care about fashion, however, if you want to be appealing to girls, then consider wearing something more modern. For example, you can buy oxford styled shoes. This shape is a standard one that will continue being cool for ages.

mens shoes

  • Wraparound style sunglasses

Some sunglasses such as Clubmaster and aviator are timeless, while the “wraparounds” are not trendy nowadays. They were okay for 90’s but not for today. They were useful when you go out for sports, for example, but if you wear them on a first date, then you have small chances of looking appealing and sexy. Swap these old-fashioned sunglasses with aviators or Wayfarer that have a square shape. Whether you are going for a picnic or walking with dogs in a park, you will look classic and stylish.

mens sunglasses

  • Loose shirts

Some years ago stores and different clothing lines tried to make everything universal to fit numerous body types (tall, short, plump, slim, fat people). Everyone understands how hard it is therefore they made only one type of shirts – big shirts. Slim and short people were weird in these loose shirts, however, a few years after stores started offering shirts of different sizes. Now you can choose if you want XS, S, M or L. Moreover, you can choose between athletic feet, tailored fit, modern fit and many others.

Loose Shirt vs Wide Shirt

UGGs were popular till 2014. However, even in 2015 we saw a lot of people wearing them. But now it is time to stop wearing these fur boots. By the way, many parents (children of 70’s and 80’s) do not understand this fashion at all and think that UGGs are ugly. These sheepskin boots have to go, so let them go! If you cannot say “Goodbye!” to them, then wear them at home in winter or go for the walks with your dog wearing them. Now you should not be afraid to make them dirty!

Replace them with fur sneakers that are so popular now to be in trend.

mens uggs

  • Wide ties
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Now we talk only to men. A lot of men with different body types like wearing 3.5 inches ties, however, they do not understand how funny they look like. We recommend you to wear the ties no more than 3 inches wide at its widest point. The perfect tie has to be 2.5? for an average built man. If you are bigger, than wear an appropriate tie, but do not overdo it, feel the balance. In addition, it is widely known that the skinnier tie is, the less formal your style is. Thus, if you want to have a casual outfit, consider choosing a slim tie.

skinny tie vs wide tie

Nowadays fashion plays an important role in our lives. Students want to wear the up to date clothes in order to look cool and trendy. Therefore, we recommend you to take a look at your wardrobe and thing what clothes you can wear and what clothes can be thrown away. Be critical to yourself. It is always hard to say goodbye, but you have to do it in order to bring changes to your life and meet the fashion requirements of a today’s world. Good luck!

Robert Everett: I am a freelance writer currently based in Chicago. Solving students career and university problems. Having interest in marketing and business.