Dedicated: 5 Things that Girls Consider as Emotional Cheating

Most of us have eventually experienced a grievous feeling of betrayal in relationships. Alternatively, you might have been a cheater yourself. Anyway, cheating is widespread in any kind of relationships. In addition to actual sexual infidelity, you should also know about the concept of emotional cheating. No, it’s not just another reason for girls to brainwash men. This kind of cheating is much more complicated and here and then considered as the worst one. With the help of our friends from Russian Brides Stars dating site, we have a list of five actions that girls consider as emotional cheating.

  1. A new female friend

Girls generally have problems with boyfriends’ female friends. However, if you had had this female friend before you started dating your current girlfriend, that is one thing. But if you exchange multiple texts and spend a lot of time with a new female friend – your girlfriend might consider that as cheating. The problem is – you indeed exchange information with this girl and it might include some personal and intimate information about your relationships, which is completely unacceptable.

  1. Porn addiction

Everyone knows that men love porn and it has never been a big deal – unless you are in serious relationships. No, your girlfriend does not expect you to never look at porn again since you two are committed. However, if she knows that you spend too much time watching erotic scenes and masturbating – without doubts, she has all the rights to think of it as cheating. Sometimes, porn addicts have problems with real-life sex – and that’s when situation become truly miserable.

  1. Too much contact with your ex

Your previous relationships ended up for a reason. If you managed to become friends afterward – well, that’s totally fine. Nonetheless, your excessive contact with your ex-lover might seem like a threat to your new girlfriend. Just imagine – she knows that you used to be together and have sex, that you for sure have something in common – at least, mutual memories. She knows that your feelings might burst out again – and that is why she believes it’s emotional cheating.

  1. Leaving your wedding ring home

You know the scenario – when a married man wants to bang an unknown girl, he would take his wedding ring off to not frighten the victim. You should remember that this small sign of love and commitment means much more to your spouse/fiancé than it means to you (generally). If you forget to wear your wedding ring, her thought might range from, ‘he is 100% cheating on me to’ to, ‘he does not take our relationship seriously.’ You are screwed in both cases.

  1. Hiding details about your life

In relationships, hiding information is the same as lying. Why would you even start dating someone if you are not able to be entirely honest with her? We are not talking about the details of your previous life. Everyone has secrets, whether they are dirty or not. But you should tell your girlfriend everything important about your current life. Otherwise, you risk making her ferret out the information.