Dedicated: 6 Tips for Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

Congratulations! You’re ready to tie the knot with your fiancée. If you haven’t yet chosen an engagement ring, however, you might be confused and even overwhelmed by all the possibilities out there. Here are just a few tips for buying the best possible diamond ring for your future spouse.

1. Choose Your Number of Stones

The classic diamond ring has a single stone in its center. Other rings may have multiple diamonds or gems surrounding the centerpiece, or they may have diamonds arranged in creative or eye-catching patterns along the band. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to the appearance of their jewelry, so make sure you know what your partner will actually enjoy before you give them a ring that they’ll wear forever.

2. Decide the Cut

Contrary to popular belief, the “cut” of a diamond doesn’t refer to its shape. It refers to its facets and how they’re positioned and proportioned. The reason a diamond shines is because light reflects off its facets, so if its facets are poorly cut, it won’t glimmer as brilliantly as others of its kind. The cut of a diamond ring is something to seriously consider before you hand over your credit card.

3. Review Your Ethics

If you prefer to buy ethically-produced products, look for lab-created diamonds instead of “natural” ones. Not only are they flawlessly manufactured in ways that natural gems aren’t, but you’ll also be reducing the demands and economic conflicts placed on foreign markets to provide diamonds. Look for something like a Brilliant Earth review to see what other people are saying about lab-created diamonds.

4. Evaluate Its Quality

There are many ways to determine the quality of a diamond, but few are noticeable to the human eye, so ask the jeweler to pull out their magnification equipment. You’ll want at least a 10x magnification to look for flaws, cracks and other imperfections in the diamond. Remember, a diamond’s shine comes from the way light plays off its surface, so the shine won’t be very nice if the surface is rough.

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5. Think About the Band

The band of a diamond ring is often an afterthought to the stone itself, but if you’re serious about buying the best possible jewelry for your future spouse, you’ll want to pay more attention to it. Do you want gold or platinum? Do you want a skinny band or a thick band? Do you want to inscribe anything on the inside, and if so, what sizes and materials are most suitable to that kind of alteration?

6. Create a Budget

Everyone will have a different price range when they go ring shopping, and there’s no shame in telling your jeweler right away what you can and can’t afford. Just keep in mind that the price of the ring itself may not be your only expense. You might also need to pay for things like re-sizing or inscribing, or you might be tempted by an upgraded warranty for extra protection. Make sure you have wiggle room in your budget for unplanned expenses.

These are just a few tips for buying the perfect diamond engagement ring. Whether you’re looking for something understated or something full of grandeur, these tips should be enough to kick-start your imagination and help you find a ring that your partner will love.

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