Dedicated: 7 Best Apps for a Modern Woman

Modern world is full of cool and useful technologies. They help us in different spheres of life and ease many things for us. Among these cool things are surely mobile applications. Modern women can get so many advantages out of them. They can get professional health tips, exercise, shop, cook and do so many other things with their help. Here are some if the best applications that every woman should try.   

Period Tracker

Do you want to always remember how many days there are left till your next cycle? Or when will you ovulate next time? Period tracker calculates these and other things such as mood swings and the intensity of cramps. You won’t need to remember certain days or write them down in your notebook as all the needed information with notifications will be in your phone.  

AllRecipes Dinner Spinner

App - AllRecipes Dinner Spinner

No matter if you are single or married, cooking is an important part of life of almost all women. You may be married and have to feed three kids every day, you may be on a diet and need to come up with low-calories yet delicious meals, you may be dating someone and want to impress him with your cooking skills or your smell (for that look at House of Pheromones). No matter what your situation is, you can find suitable recipes with Dinner Spinner. It has a plethora of cool recipes with guidelines on how to cook them.

Hot5 Fitness

Keeping yourself in shape is like a law for a modern woman. No matter how busy you are, you can always find 15-30 minutes per day to exercise. Hot5 app can help with that. It has a huge number of videos led by the best coaches and instructors in the sphere. Whether you want a quick abs workout of a full yoga session, you can find it here. The app is very cool and nice-looking. It is very easy to get fit with it.

Sleep Cycle

App - Sleep Cycle Tracker

Sometimes, even if you go to bed early, you wake up feeling terrible and the whole day is a nightmare. That is because your alarm clock wakes you up in the wrong sleeping cycle. This app analyzes your sleep cycle and wakes you up when your sleep is light. It is a great way to wake up fresh and rested.


Every modern woman has to smartly manage her finances. Cost is a great app to help you with that. It is very smart and user-friendly. Here you can manage several accounts very easily. Apart from that the app shows you how much you have been spending and how much you currently have.


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App - Pumpic Family Monitoring

Modern moms have many cool apps that ease their lives. One of these apps is Pumpic. It has many different features for keeping your kids safe. First of all, you can see child’s phone calls and text messages to make sure everything is ok. Second of all, you can monitor their online activity to see if there is no cyberbullying, sexting or chatting with online predators. And finally, you can track your kids’ location to make sure they are safe. Thus, you will know that they are not skipping school and go straight home after their classes.


Every woman needs a sanctuary. Shopping is proved to be a very good one for lots of women all over the world. Gilt is a very popular shopping site offering tons of designer clothes with up to 70% discount.    

Hopefully, some of these apps will help you make your life easier and more fun!

Header photo source: Chris C. Ferguson