Dedicated: 7 Signs She Is Not the Right Girl

Every time you start dating a new person, deep down you hope that this will result in a serious relationship or even marriage. As a relationship evolves and you get to know each other’s merits and flaws, you suddenly realize that this woman is not the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. However, you may be also so blinded by your love that you don’t see her real attitude to you. Take a step back and look at your couple from the side. Here are some signs prepared by Dating Ladies Experts that indicate you’re wasting your time with the wrong girl.

She is selfish. Her selfishness manifests itself in your conversations. When you talk, she is usually focused on her life and her problems and abruptly changes the subject once you start sharing your thoughts or concerns. This is the evidence of her indifference to you. A loving woman always wants to know everything about her man. She is all ears when he tells her about his problems and successes because she does care.

You have different views. They say the opposites are attracted but when it comes to a long-term relationship, your partner should have a lot in common with you. In other words, you should be compatible. It’s OK to have different interests or hobbies but if you have different views on your future and are not ready to make concessions, your relationship will not last long.

She often ignores you. If your relationship is at the dating stage but you see your girlfriend not as often as you’d like, the reason for this may be that she is not that into you. If you love a person, you’ll do everything to be with that person rather than find different excuses why you can’t make it today or tomorrow. Of course, she has her job and her life but if her excuses become a regular thing and your encounters become few and far between, ask her directly how she feels about you.

It’s always you who take the initiative. This is another red flag that you should spot in the beginning of your relationship. As a man, you should make the first move, take the initiative, and be a leader. But if your girlfriend never calls you first and doesn’t initiate conversations, she is either too shy or indifferent. Remember that in a healthy relationship, partners are equally interested in each other.

She isn’t making you a better person. A woman has a great power over her man. She can be either a source of inspiration for him or become the reason why he’s so miserable. If your woman constantly encourages you and makes you happy, she’s the right woman. But if she nags you and points out at your flaws all the time making you feel insignificant, run away from that woman.

She often mentions her ex. The main reason why your girlfriend brings up ex-matters is that she’s not completely over her last relationship. If you start dating a girl, make sure that she has moved on from her previous relationship. Otherwise, both of you’ll be suffering.

She demands much from you. Some women, spoilt by their previous boyfriends or their families, expect the same treatment from their next relationships. If your girlfriend treats you as if you owe her something, she’s not the woman you need.

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