Dedicated: 8 Unique Ways to Amp Up Store-Bought Sugar Cookie Dough

Who doesn’t love a warm, gooey sugar cookie as soon as it comes out of the oven? On the other hand, who has the time to mix sugar cookie dough from scratch, wait for it to chill, wait for it to bake, and then clean up the mess afterwards? Sure, you can stop at the grocery store after work and grab a roll of premade dough, but it just doesn’t have the same thrill to it. Luckily, there are some easy ways you can amp up that store-bought dough so you have a unique treat without all the hassle.

Make It Minty

Whether for the holiday season or just because you love the taste of peppermint, it’s easy to add a minty twist to sugar cookie dough. Simply grab some powdered sugar, crush up a few candy canes or mint candy discs, and mix them into the dough. Roll small balls and bake as normal. When they are still slightly warm, sprinkle with any remaining powdered sugar or peppermint.

Make Sugar Cookie Pizzas

If you just imagined marinara sauce and cheese covering a sugar cookie and promptly made a face, don’t worry. That’s not what these pizzas are made of. Grab the dough you purchased at the store and make several large-sized cookies. After baking according to the package’s directions and letting them cool, spread cream cheese frosting onto each cookie and top them with your favorite fresh fruit. Not only will you have a delicious treat, but the fruit will give you a boost of vitamins and minerals.

Sugar Cookie Pizza Dessert

Source: Meminge

Have a Cookie Decorating Party

Are you looking for a fun activity for the kids this weekend, or do you need something for everyone to do at a birthday party? Decorating store-bought sugar cookies is relatively easy and doesn’t require as much cleanup as it would if you were to make them from scratch. Purchase as much dough as you’ll need and bake them beforehand. Grab sprinkles, frosting, and even different types of candies for decorating. You may even want to purchase small tubes of icing so everyone can write their names on their cookies.

Make Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice cream sandwiches are the perfect treat to beat the summer heat, but they’re even better when the ice cream is in between two delicious sugar cookies. Use vanilla ice cream for a traditional taste, or if you prefer something gourmet, use your favorite flavor. If you want to get creative, pile enough ice cream between the cookies to give yourself room to roll them in sprinkles or other ice cream toppings.

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cookie dough ice cream sandwiches

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Make Cookie Sticks

Instead of baking your sugar cookie dough into traditional circular shapes, roll them into tiny logs. The result will be cookie sticks. As they are cooling, you can melt milk chocolate, white chocolate, caramel or even various types of frosting to use as a dipping sauce for the cookies. Do you need something festive for a party? Dip them in toppings and wait for them to try, and then take them with you.

Break Out the Food Coloring

Food coloring and sugar cookie dough is perhaps the easiest way to make something festive for a holiday, birthday, or simply because you want a row of rainbow cookies. Simply put the premade dough into a bowl, add the food coloring of your choice, and mix. Red cookies with pink frosting make a sweet Valentine’s Day treat, or use orange to create something yummy for Halloween.

Deep Fry Your Dough

While not at all a healthy option, deep frying your cookie dough is definitely a delicious one. Create your favorite batter for frying—don’t forget to include some sugar—and dip balls of your dough into it before deep frying. Once they’re finished, you can drizzle them with chocolate or dust them with powdered sugar.

Just Drop It in Your Ice Cream

Who says you have to bake your cookie dough? With the help of egg-free sugar cookie dough from Hampton Creek, you don’t need to worry about chemicals or dangerous dairy products making the dough dangerous to eat raw. Grab a jar, pick up your favorite type of ice cream, and mix the two together to create the perfect blend. You could even skip the ice cream and eat it straight from the jar if you wanted to.

Whether you need to make a special treat for a child’s birthday party or you just had a rough day and need some comfort food, sugar cookie dough is delicious, and the ideas for using it are practically endless. You could probably even come up with your own.