Dedicated: After Engagement & Pre-Ceremony: Choosing Your Wedding

Whether your engagement was a long time coming or a flash-mob, YouTube-worthy surprise event, whether it happened in a five-star restaurant or at a rainy Fairview truck, it will be a moment you will always remember, treasure, and be the answer to many a question posed to you, not only during the period of your engagement, but throughout the years of your marriage.

That said, there aren’t many couples who’ll be able to give you the details (beyond the general) of when they chose their wedding rings.  But why is that? Why can’t choosing a wedding ring – the circular symbol of your everlasting love – be an event, too? One way to boost the importance is to make a commitment to choosing the rings together. Each partner should be able to choose their own ring – this is a tiny detail that may go unrecognised, but is extremely important, because, conceivably, this is a ring you’re not going to be taking off (at least, not much). Comfort bands are important to those whose rings are on the “wider” end of the spectrum.

In today’s world of wedding rings, you don’t have to opt for just online shopping or just brick-and-mortar shops, you can combine both, because there are  beautiful selection of wedding rings Melbourne, Australia. There are even shops – like Simon West Jewellery where you can peruse choices online and then visit in person to actually hold the rings in your palm, feel the weight and the import.

There will be must-have and must-need wedding items for which you do not need to shop together. You don’t need to demonstrate a unified front when shopping for bridesmaids’ gifts, reception centrepieces, or the types of charger plates. Your groom won’t need to (but may want to) be there when you do the rehearsal run-through of your make-up or, even more potentially time-consuming, your up-do (or cascade of curls, or whatever you opt to do).

Yes, there are many other details to attend, but shopping for wonderful wedding rings needs to become a critical moment in a soon-to-be wed couple’s life. Set a quiet time at home in which you can sit side-by-side and look at online jewellery sites and the available wedding rings. The aforementioned Simon West Jewellery is a great place to start, and you’re likely not going to want to go anywhere else.

Then, after you have an idea of your favourites, make an appointment with Simon West so you can both meet with the illustrious jeweller, craftsman, designer, and local legend, who’ll offer you personalised service and show you some of Melbourne’s finest bespoke handmade wedding rings. Simon will be able to go over each step in the process of providing you with your cherished rings.  On the company’s website, there is a form, for which you only need to provide your name and number to set an appointment at the studio in the Manchester Unity Building.

It may not currently be at the forefront of bride and groom consciousness, but developing and cultivating the importance of wedding ring selection will soon become an event.

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