Dedicated: How to Apply Everyday Makeup

Most women choose to wear makeup on a daily basis to enhance their natural beauty or hide blemishes. No matter what your skin looks like, makeup can always make it look better. However, coming up with daily beauty routines can be overwhelming because you need to figure out the products to use and the order in which to apply them.

To make the application process simpler, you need to breakdown the whole process into steps. Here is a simple makeup application routine:

Prepare your face

Start by cleaning your face with soap, warm water, and a washcloth. Scrub your face gently with the washcloth before applying any makeup. At the end of the day, you also need to wash your face to get rid of makeup. Leaving it on overnight will clog your skin and cause acne.

The next step is sunscreen and moisturizer application. If you plan to spend time in the sun, you should apply some sunscreen. Is your skin prone to dryness and flakiness? You have to apply some moisturizer and massage it into your skin.

Makeup primer is the next product that you need to apply as it helps makeup to last longer. Work the primer into the areas of your face that you will be applying makeup; this means the nose, chin, forehead and cheeks if you are wearing foundation.

Before wearing eyeliner and eye shadow, apply some primer beneath your eyebrows and on your eyelids. Although normal makeup primer works fine, you could opt for gentler primers designed especially for eyelids.

Choose the right foundation

Foundations come in different varieties, which all offer different benefits and drawbacks. You can choose between liquid foundation and solid foundation sticks. Finding the right one that matches your skin tone can be difficult especially if your skin is susceptible to irritation.

Finding quality foundation is not easy; therefore, you need to speak to a beautician before wasting your money. Apply a thin layer of foundation to give your skin a uniform appearance as well as smooth it out.

If you have uneven areas that show through after you apply foundation, use concealer to hide them: pimples and dark circles. When choosing concealer, buy one that is two shades lighter than your natural skin tone. As it does not have to be specific, you can pick a concealer by brushing some onto your hand to help in narrowing down your choices.

Lastly, brush a translucent powder onto your face after using foundation. It will set the makeup and help it to last longer.

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Add color

Apply a bronzer or blush to enhance your skin. Bronzer will give your skin a sun-kissed look while blush gives your cheeks a slightly flushed and healthy appearance. You need to use a rounded makeup brush to dust them onto your skin.

When choosing bronzer, pick a darker shade than your natural skin tone. Some people use it to contour their cheekbones. If you want to do this, pick two different shades of bronzer.

Next, you need to apply eye primer followed by eye shadow, which should be applied twice– a light shade that goes on first and a darker one that goes over it. Apply some eyeliner to make your eyes pop. To finish, you need to use a curler to curl your eyelashes and make them look longer. You can skip the curler and wear mascara instead.

As for the lips, you need to add some color or gloss to them. Make sure that you choose a natural-looking shade of lip color. For everyday makeup, you should go with browns or pinks, which complement your natural lip color.

However, you can avoid color altogether and apply some gloss to give your lips a little shine. Once all your makeup has dried up, you need to apply lip balm or lipstick last. If you want your lip makeup to last longer, add foundation as a primer for your lip color.

Moreover, you can sketch your lip line with a neutral pencil to define your lips and make them look fuller. Do you wear red lipstick or nude lip-gloss? This depends on whether you want to enhance or draw attention away from your lips.