Dedicated: Beaches and Buddhas in Nha Trang

Are you keen to get out of your office and onto a white, sandy and picturesque beach somewhere? Well, get thee to a travel agent and book yourself a flight to the beautiful and relaxing beaches of south east Asia. In particular, get yourself headed straight onto the beaches of Vietnam. Many people think that to get their beach fix they need to head to a spot like Bali or Thailand, but that’s simply not true! There are some stunning beaches on the coast in Vietnam, and people who think they need to head to Bali probably haven’t been to Nha Trang!

White sandy beaches are juxtaposed with stunning mountains, and with a grand total of nineteen islands for you to choose from you will enjoy your time here no matter what you’re into. You can do a whole host of things here, from learning how to dive under the water to sunbaking on the beach. The best thing about this spot is that many of the activities that you choose to engage in will be affordable, because most things in south east Asia are, usually. Do remember though, that while you’re here the beaches are popular with tourists so you need to treat this spot like you would any other beach paradise. This list by Travezl shows some of the best options for fun in Nha Trang.

Get your snorkel on

If you want to have a great time on the beaches of Nha Trang then you need to get yourself underwater and into some scuba or snorkelling. While there is plenty that is exciting to see on the sand, the real treasure lies under the sea. Scuba is the next step up from snorkelling, so if you have the money to spend and the inclination to do so, give it a go. It’s a true experience.

Sail your way around the bay

One of the most exciting ways to spend a day when you’re in Nha Trang is on board a boat. This is a great opportunity to head off and see all of the different islands that exist off the mainland, many of which are unspoilt. Your trip will usually include a snorkeling excursion, a visit to a fish farm, along with plenty of food and drinks.

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Po Nagar by Christopher Porter 

Visit pretty Po Nagar

Head out of town and up a mountain to take a look at this Temple Tower. This spot was founded before 781 AD and plays a big part in the history and archaeology of the country. In addition to some history, you also get a great view of the landscape. This is only a bonus when you consider the beauty of the surrounding area

Check out the Buddha

Head to Long Son Pagoda, a spot that was founded in the 19th Century and pay your respects to a 79 foot tall Buddha. He is in repose on the top of the hill and marks the spot built to honor monks and nuns who died protesting against the Diem government. As with Po Nagar, you also get a great view of Nha Trang City.

Spend a day in the hot springs

This is an exercise in relaxation as you enjoy the pretty pastime of doing very little. The mud in this area claims to have healing properties (doesn’t all mud, though?) and is created by mud from rocks and volcanic ash. Healing or not, you’ll certainly feel very relaxed.

Great Buddha - Long Son Pagoda by Binh Huynh

Great Buddha – Long Son Pagoda by Binh Huynh

No matter what your agenda is when you head to Nha Trang, you’ll find that there is something for everyone here. Whether you want to relax on the beach, hike to a hilltop and look out over the ocean or just shop in the markets you’ll be sure to find it here. Make your next trip a bee-line for Nha Trang and enjoy your trip abroad.

Top photo is Palm Shadow by gavindeas