Dedicated: How to Become a Man of Her Dreams

Yeah, we know – you are awesome. Men are overly cool with all their masculine traits, career, hobbies, and other features. However, it’s not enough to allure a decent girl and start a relationship with her. Girls look for some particular traits in men – and their preferences are not always obvious. Some girls look for rich and influential persons, others prefer romantic and family oriented men (Slavic girls, for instance). We cannot list a universal set of rules to become attractive to women. But we know for sure that you can make yourself better and, consequently, attract much more women. Here are several basic recommendations:

cute balding guy checking his hairline

  1. Examine your appearance. Oh Lord… We are not able to explain where this comes from but the majority of Western men are assured that women should love them no matter how they look (it’s especially relevant in the case of wealthy guys). It’s hard to explain how wrong they are! You see, when girl look for partners (even the most emancipated representatives), they also see a potential father of their children in every man. Therefore, if you are not fit and wear old and worn-out clothes, you lose all the chances to win a girl’s heart. In the end, a girl will just feel uncomfortable going out with such a man. Do you need any other proves?
  2. The sexuality issue. What do young men generally look for? Yes, a part of them seeks relationships with cozy girls, romance, love and other stuff – while a second part look for sex dates. This idea of casual sex has gained an enormous popularity in the contemporary society. And we don’t mind it if you use protection and don’t dive too deep in the deepness of lust. However, really attractive and decent girls NEVER look for random hookups. Consequently, if you offer to “get to your place” in the end of the first hour of your date, you are likely to lose her attention right away.
  3. Respect, respect, respect! There’s a flipside of masculinity (well, in minds of modern men) – guys think that rudeness and assertiveness can somehow look like mannish behavior. They approach prospective girlfriends without decency and respect, thinking that it looks sexy and attractive. We will indeed disappoint some of you but the disrespectful approach and gender discriminations are NOT attractive. In fact, such behavior takes away all your chances to get a girl you want. The equation is simple – you pay respect to her personality and interests, she gives you everything you need. Okay, not everything but what she can give. Women don’t need romance that much as they need respect and attention.
  4. Liars are losers. No need to explain why you should get rid of this horrific habit. Lying is just ugly. However, there are also some things you just don’t understand you lie about. For instance, most men don’t open their intentions when they meet girls. And while guys look for casual sex and hookups, girls subconsciously decide that this man seeks something serious. In the end, they experience pitiful disappointments. Be sincere and always tell the truth! Girls have strong serendipity and they know when you tell lies.