Dedicated: Bench, Chaise or Adirondack? Finding Your Outdoor Style

How often do you make use of your outdoor space? Is it for an hour in the evening? Maybe you enjoy a drink on the patio as the kids dash through the sprinklers, their laughter filling the air. Possibly you do the Times crossword puzzle on an occasional Sunday morning as you recline in your Adirondack chair. Answer me this: do you get outside at all?

I don’t want to sound too judgmental or preachy, but if you’re not getting some outside time, you are missing out. Feeling the warm sun on your lap or the refreshing breeze on your cheek is a reminder of just how beautiful the world can be. Don’t we need that? Don’t we deserve this moment of reprieve, especially given this current election cycle? We’ve got to reenergize somehow.

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If you’re having a hard time getting yourself outside, it might be because your current outdoor furniture set isn’t living up to its promise. Sure, it looked good on the sales floor, but after you got it home, it seemed to lose its grace and comfortability. Now it just sits on the back deck, season after season, reminding you of regret and discomfort. That’s the thing about patio furniture, any old chair isn’t going to do. Would you be willing to live with an uncomfortable, unfashionable chair in your living room? Probably not, so why are you willing to do it in your outside meditation and entertainment space?

Is There Any Such Thing as Perfection?

Better Homes and Gardens tells us that there are four main materials to think about when you set out to buy your new patio chairs: wicker, resin, wood and metal. All four material types are available in variety of chair styles, including the bench, chaise and Adirondack. The real matter at heart is, which chair and material best matches your taste and style?

Let’s start with the materials. Material choice should be made using this checklist:

  • Will this material be hard to clean?
  • Is this material well suited for a harsh climate?
  • Is this material comfortable to sit on?
  • What is the warranty?
  • Can I repair the material damages that might occur?
  • For what period of time will I have this furniture set?
  • How does this material weather in the sun?
  • How does this material weather in the rain?

After gathering your answers to the above questions, you will have decided to either go with resin, wood, wicker or metal. Next comes the style of the patio furniture set, and it always starts with the chair.

The Chair

We’re creatures of comfort. We know what we like and we aren’t afraid to say it. If we’re going to invest in a new furniture piece, we want to still be happy with it years after we’ve bought it. Here are three outdoor chair types that you might consider for your posterior.

outdoor furniture wooden


The Bench

The wooden garden bench will add a touch of rustic romanticism to your outdoor entertainment area. For the traditional individual who is a fan of the Craftsman and Shaker design styles, the wooden bench shows your love for natural order and forthrightness.

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The Chaise

Perfect for the person who just wants to lie back and catch some rays, the chaise lounge chair is available in five different styles:

  • Strap Chaise Lounge
  • Sling Chaise Lounge
  • Wheeled Chaise Lounge
  • Double Chaise Lounge
  • Cabana-Style Chaise Lounge

Each style has been built for maximum ergonomic comfort. Want to enjoy a late afternoon nap with your partner? The double chaise lounge is for you. Want to get a tan before your college roommate’s wedding? The wheeled chaise lounge allows you to adjust its height for optimal sunbathing. The chaise is all about relaxation, pampering and decadence.

adirondak chairs by colleen


The Adirondack

Essential for someone who wants to take in the view, have good conversation or sit in silence, the Adirondack chair is the most popular patio chair on the market. Ergonomic and versatile Adirondack chairs weather well and are well suited for sitters of all ages.



It might seem a little weird that the material and design of a chair can have so much influence over how we use a space, but they really do. Before you go out to get your new patio furniture, make sure you know what you want.