Dedicated: The Benefits of Massage for Fibromyalgia

Living with fibromyalgia can be inherently difficult. For many sufferers, putting up with the constant physical pain of this condition can be hugely debilitating, preventing them from going about their daily lives with ease. Although there is currently no known cure for fibromyalgia, sufferers each have their own particular ways of dealing with it, with many constantly looking for new methods of relieving their symptoms. For many with this condition, massage therapy can be a hugely helpful method of relief that helps them to both physically and mentally relax. Here are just some of the main benefits that massage therapy has for fibromyalgia.

Pain Relief

By using the right massage techniques, a good therapist can provide a fibromyalgia patient with a lot of relief from pain, both short and long term. Many who suffer from this condition are in constant pain, which is why massage can be such a welcome treatment as even if some patients do not experience any long-term benefits, they can still enjoy the short-term relief from pain and tension during the massage itself. Certain essential and massage oils are also hugely beneficial aromatically for helping to relieve the symptoms of chronic pain, and can also help fibromyalgia patients to gain some relief.


For centuries, massage has been known as a useful method of inducing relaxation and calm. When carried out right and by a good massage therapist, a session can help a patient to feel less tense and encourage relaxation, something which can be extremely difficult when dealing with the day-to-day symptoms of fibromyalgia. Since this condition tends to target certain areas of the body, massage therapy can be hugely useful in treating the painful areas and helping patients to deal with their pain better. Often, fibromyalgia patients are in much need of relaxation, with many experiencing other problems such as anxiety or insomnia which are directly linked to their condition.

Mental Health

It is not uncommon for fibromyalgia sufferers to experience some sort of mental health problem. Sadly, studies show that a high percentage of fibromyalgia sufferers have experienced some sort of trauma or abuse in their past, something which often contributes to psychological struggles itself. However, as it is a chronic, ‘invisible’ condition, people with fibromyalgia can often suffer from depression due to being unable to enjoy life to the fullest and having a diminished quality of life.

Massage, and the oils used in the treatment, has often been praised for having positive effects on those suffering from mental health problems. With the right combination of oils and techniques, massage therapy can help fibromyalgia patients who are struggling with mental health to feel more uplifted and better able to deal with their struggles. Not only that, but regular appointments with a massage therapist can give patients something to look forward to and somebody who they can talk with.

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Living with fibromyalgia can be difficult for those who suffer from it. With the help of massage, you can help to get your symptoms under control and experience some much needed relief.

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