Dedicated: Best Gifts for Your Brother

Sure, you two may fight a lot, but hey, you’re family. When you are thinking about gifts for a brother, are you just grasping at straws? If it is a serious challenge for you to pick out a birthday or holiday present for your sibling, then perhaps some of these tips and ideas could help you out. While we doubt that anyone would complain about receiving a present, there are definitely some gifts that are way better than others. In order to ensure that your bro is as happy as a lark, check out the following tricks for being the best gift-giver of the family.

Making Music

Come on, who doesn’t love to groove to some great tunes? You really can’t go wrong with a music themed gift, such as some earbuds, designer headphones, or some cool new music. Some wonderful gifts for a brother may include some fresh funky beats heard through some high-quality headphones. Plus, you won’t have to hear his music all the way from the other side of the house! Another option could be speakers or a music loading dock on which he can place his iPod, iPhone, or other personal listening device. Great for parties, it is bound to be a surefire hit with your bro.

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Cooking up Fun

While you may not have a chef in the family, if your brother likes to cook, then you can find so many fantastic choices for the kitchen. For instance, a recipe book filled with his favorite dishes could keep him satisfied for hours. You may even choose to take him out for a lovely dinner (just don’t scrimp on paying the bill!) Maybe bring some alcohol into the mix and give your sibling some scotch, whiskey, beer, or other liquor. Always be responsible, of course! Kitchen utensils and gadgets are always loads of fun and come in a wide range of colors, materials, shapes, and sizes. We also think that treating your brother to a cooking class or lesson could be a whole lot of fun. It’s the next best thing to creating fresh pasta in the countryside of Tuscany.

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Things to Stay Away From

Now that we have given you some unique and exciting gift ideas for brothers, how about some tips on what not to give them. First of all, cologne is a no-no. Why? Because it implies that he smells bad! Plus, cologne is a slippery slope, since it is expensive and there are so many varieties out there. You shouldn’t take a chance on something so pricey. Secondly, never give your brother office supplies. Sure, he might need a new fountain pen or some nice stationary, but this is happy and festive occasion. Save those boring presents for later.