Dedicated: The 4 Best Shapes for Re-Wearable Bridesmaid Dresses

It’s always cool when your bride or groom friend offers to buy your dress when you’re a bridesmaid, but on the off-chance you’re responsible for your own attire on their big day, it’s impossible and dare I say irresponsible not to think about getting a dress that can provide double-duty once the wedding is over.

There are a few bridesmaid dress styles  that work really well as cocktail dresses once the reception is over, and you can even stay within your BFF’s color palette (God forbid you stray…). The cuts and shapes of these dresses are almost universally flattering, and there’s a style for everyone. No matter the color you’re stuck with, as long as you own it, it’s going to look amazing.

Here are the 5 best shapes to look for when it comes to re-wearing bridesmaid dresses:

Skater Dresses

Embellished Skater Skirt Bridesmaid Dress

These dresses have a hem just above the knee and really focus attention on your waist. Adding embellishments to other areas makes the dress look less formal and more cool once the wedding is over. This crystal embellished skater dress is $128.

Strapless Dresses with Voluminous Skirts


If a strapless dress has a classic, straight skirt – you’ll always know that it was, at one point, a bridesmaid dress. Then again, when you add a fluffy tulle skirt, it makes a formal dress into a fun & exciting dress! The bonus of strapless dresses is that you can always change up your accessories, and jewelry always looks extra amazing with a strapless dress! This strapless tulle dress is $149.

Short-Sleeved Dresses


Any dress with short sleeves has enough of a cute look to warrant a second wear. Unless it’s covered in crystals, a short sleeved bridesmaid dress is never going to be too formal for any occasion. Maxi dress or skater dress, it doesn’t matter! There’s something youthful about short sleeves that prevents them from ever being too dowdy. This short sleeved vintage style dress is $149.

Layering Dresses

Strappy Blue Layering Dress

A dress that has minimalist features and a basic shape is perfect for using as a layering item later. Throwing a sweater or jacket over this, and wearing it with tights will completely mask the fact that it was once a bridesmaid dress! This spaghetti strap dress is $99.