Dedicated: Why Choosing Your Own Engagement Ring Has Become So Popular

Wedding traditions are definitely changing as women now view marriage itself as more of an equal partnership. A lot of women are forgoing a lot of traditions altogether, and planning a wedding exactly how they (and their partner) want it, rather than trying to do what is expected and please wider families. With some women proposing to men, women keeping their own names when married, and women choosing their own engagements rings, some traditions are being kept, but reversed or adapted so they feel less sexist. Here, we look at the idea of choosing your own ring, and why it has become so popular:

More Couples Letting the Bride Decide

Essentially there is no longer any ‘done thing’ and being truly empowered is about doing what you want. If you love the idea of a romantic proposal from your partner and him carefully choosing a ring from a great jeweler like Ascot Diamonds to surprise you with, that’s cool. But, if you want to choose your own, so you get something that represents you as much as your part in your relationship, then this is now a popular way to go that most men are completely fine with. In couples where the bride chooses her own ring, sometimes she chooses by herself or with friends, other times it is something the couple picks out together. Maybe the man still pays for it, or, given many couples who get engaged already live together and share resources, maybe it just comes out of their shared budget. However it is done, it is done so it feels right for everyone involved, given some women don’t like the idea of the man still paying, and other couples find the act of choosing together to be a better bonding experience than the groom picking on his own.

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An Important Decision

While, if you are not a very materialistic person, you may think a ring is just a piece of jewelry, from a practical perspective it is something you are going to wear every day, for probably the rest of your life, so it is something you are going to need to really like the style of and find comfortable. Even if you completely trust your partner, they are just not as well equipped to gauge what the perfect ring for you to wear all the time would be like. For this reason, many women just choose their own rings for practical or taste reasons. Just because you love each other, doesn’t mean he has completely nailed your personal taste yet!

Taking Off the Pressure

Another reason more brides are choosing their own rings is that it is an easy decision for her to make – she can just pick what she likes – but a stressful and difficult one for him. Men can feel pressure as to how much they should spend, finding out her size, and choosing something he hopes she will like, whereas a woman can simply pick out a style she loves within a budget agreed as a couple, and have it sized by the jeweler.

There are lots of reasons more couples are deciding to do engagement rings as a team, or allowing the wearer to choose. What do you think? Would you rather pick your own ring? Let us know in the comments.