Dedicated: 6 Affordable Details for Garden Weddings

Of all the cool places to have your wedding, beautiful nature settings are easily in the top five. Whether it’s a beautiful forest, a soft field, or a valley surrounded by mountains, you can’t deny that Earth gave us some of the best-looking photo and event settings we could ask for.

And best of all – nature is almost always less expensive, or in some cases, free. When it comes to weddings, counting your nickels becomes really important, and anyone who has had a wedding knows what I mean!

The venue is one of the most important parts, and often the most expensive. Holding your wedding in an outdoor location can turn a typical wedding into a fairytale wedding! Here are some of my favorite garden wedding details to add to your nature-inspired event.

If you want a truly combed and manicured experience with a nature setting, there are great public locations that would suit a wedding, but if you want to take it a step up, check out an actual garden, like these wedding reception venues Sydney West. Manicured and vibrant and most importantly, maintained by someone else, and guaranteed no frisbees to crash your wedding!

Garden Wedding Details

DIY Citronella Candles

Outdoor in the summertime means bugs, but these homemade citronella candles will smell amazing and keep mosquitos away!

Succulent Bottle Stopper

Accommodating everyone’s beverage preference just got a lot cuter with succulent bottle toppers! Leave some on each table as a favor!

Plantable Seed Card

These plantable seed cards could be used as a Save The Date or a Thank You card for each guest! When planted, they sprout up delicious, fresh herbs.

Seed Packets in Wheelbarrow

As an alternative, give out your favorite seeds in a cute container for everyone to select and take home.

Lavender Wedding Toss

Forget rice, throw lavender over the newlyweds! You can find cute lavender sachets like these all over Etsy.