Dedicated: DIY Tips To Bring Back The Sparkle in Your Old Silver Jewellery

Whatever metal your jewellery is made from, it will get dirty and possibly tarnished over time, and this is the same with silver. In most households you will find some silver, be it old or new, and it is an often overlooked semi-precious metal. When you silver is starting to look a bit dirty, there are many household items that most of us have, that can be used to make your silver look like new again.

Household Products to Clean Silver

If you do not own any silver jewellery, then check here for silver jewellery in the UK as it is much more affordable than other types of metals. Everyone should own some silver, and they should also take care of it and give it a good cleaning now and then. We often have many products at home that can help with this task.

Some Baking Soda and Water

If you buy beautiful silver bracelets at Silver by Mail and want to take care of them, you can use a little bit of baking soda mixed with water, and have your bracelet shining in no time. Place a small amount of baking soda, less than a tablespoon, into a cup, and add a tiny bit of water. Keep adding water until you create a smooth paste and then place a small amount of the paste on the end of a soft cloth.

Rub the paste all over the surface of the silver, making sure that you get it into all the little nooks and crannies. Rinse thoroughly and then dry the silver with a soft cloth and your silver will soon be shining again.

Get yourself a Pan

For this method, you will need a large dish or pan, aluminium foil, soft cloth for polishing, one tablespoon of sea salt, one tablespoon of baking powder, half a cup of white vinegar and a cup of boiling water. Although this method can take some effort, it is very effective if your silver is heavily tarnished.

Place some foil in the bottom of your dish or pan covering the entire surface, and then add the dry ingredients to the top. Add the vinegar to your boiling water and slowly pour this into your pan; the slower that you pour the less reaction you will get, but you will see some fizzing. Place your silver in the dish for about 30 seconds if not too dirty or tarnished. Otherwise, you will want to leave it for a couple of minutes.

Take the silver out being careful not to get burnt, and rinse thoroughly. Polish with a soft cloth, and if needed make a paste from extra baking soda and a little water, and apply this to the silver. By doing this, you will help ensure that the shine is spread evenly over the surface of the silver.

With a little bit of effort, it will be looking like new in no time! If all this seems like too much effort, you can always take it back to the jewellers where you bought it and let them clean your silver for you, for a charge of course!