Dedicated: Fashion in Vegas – What To Wear

Visiting Las Vegas is exciting. It’s often a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s something that you are going to want to remember forever; for all the right reasons. And even if it used to be true that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, these days, with so much social media and so many opportunities for sneaky snaps on smartphones, it’s pretty much impossible to keep absolutely everything a secret. Which is why dressing in the right when at the right times is an important part of the whole Vegas experience.

So let’s take a look – let’s do Vegas in style.

Las Vegas Strip


If you’re planning on walking up and down the Strip, you’re going to want something comfortable. It’s 4.2 miles long and you will feel every single step of that if you’re wearing high (high) heels. So it’s perfectly acceptable to wear trainers or casual deck shoes in the daytime as you excitedly hop from casino to casino. Plus, Vegas isn’t just about gambling and slot machines – there is plenty of shopping to do there too. And hobbling about in heels when you’re trying to find the best bargain is never a good look.

However, in the evenings you’re going to want to jazz things up a little. Now is the time for heels – the bigger the better. This is what cabs were made for. Plus, the taxi is the perfect place to familiarize yourself with the roulette wheel. I recently found this article with some very useful tips, so you can get at your destination ready to win!

At The Shows

In Las Vegas, the shows are epic. They’re huge. They’re impressive. But what they are not is nightclubs. So don’t dress like you’re going to one. In fact, the glitzy glamour of the costumes on stage is more than enough – you don’t have to follow suit. So dress smart but don’t go overboard; you want to be able to enjoy the show and not worry about being in someone’s way due to your outfit! If you do want to dress it up a little, why not wear a piece of statement jewellery?

Las Vegas canals at the Venetian hotel

In The Clubs

Now we’re talking! This is where you can really go to town in Sin City! Bling and glitz are the order of the day – you want to stand out. Looking like everyone else is a big no no and no matter what kind of outfit you choose you need to make it your own. Stay away from that short, sequined gown and try something else – try something that screams, ‘I’m fabulous!’ Just remember that you need to move in your outfit (you are dancing, right?) so make sure you can.