Dedicated: Where To Go For The Perfect Celebratory Night Out, On A Budget

Whether you are a student or just trying to watch the pennies and cents, if you are being careful but still want to have a social life there is a way to do both. You may be celebrating the fact that exams are over or it could be a big birthday, no matter the reason for your celebration you can do so on a budget and still have just as much fun. To celebrate you don’t even need to have a big blow out night at a club, there are many different ways to enjoy yourself instead of going out and they are often far cheaper than heading off to a night club.

Games Night

A games night is the perfect way to catch up and have fun with friends; this can either be done at home or even at like a bowling alley. For a makeshift games night at home, gather your friends, and a bunch of snacks that way you will be able to play all the card games that you enjoy the most. The best part is if you and your friends enjoy it that much it can be a regular thing. You could even turn it into a tournament like a blackjack academy or even poker tournament if you and your friends are that skilled. If not, you could just play a few friendly card games. If you plan on heading out for a games night, why not go bowling as that is always a good night out, and mid-week the prices are normally far cheaper.

The Big Night In

Sometimes it’s not about going out or going clubbing, sometimes you just need to get your friends together and have a duvet evening. Order some pizza, or even make your own, grab some popcorn and just watch some films. This is by far one of the cheapest ways you and your friends can celebrate, especially when everybody chips in for their share.

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Free Music

If you and your friends are into music then you will be pleasantly surprised that you can attend a music concert for free, or very cheaply. Many different venues have new artists play at their place which means tickets and entry is free. Some parks in the summer even hold a festival, they may ask for donations as it could be a fund raiser for charity but at least you know that way your money is isn’t wasted and it’s even going to a good cause.  

Dine On a Budget

To celebrate any occasion from a birthday, to just getting together with friends going out to dinner can be a nice change. If money is tight firstly you could all pitch in together to cover costs, as well as a place that does an early bird offer which tend to be priced a lot lower than the normal menu. If you’re happen to be going out as a pair you could always become a mystery shopper for restaurants as they tend to cover the costs and you would get paid to eat, surely there is nothing better than that.