Dedicated: Hilarious White Elephant Gifts for Your Next Party

White Elephant parties are seriously the best. If you’re not familiar with the concept, your group of guests agrees to a price limit per gift ahead of time. Everyone brings one gift that’s already wrapped to put in the “pot” of gifts. Each guest picks a number and, based on those numbers, people get to choose a gift from the pot. Once the first person has gone, those following her can either choose to steal a gift from someone else or they can open a new gift from the pile. Things can get interesting as multiple people show interest in the same gift, so it’s best if you limit the number of times a gift can be stolen.

As much fun as these parties are, buying the gifts for White Elephant parties can be challenging, as the budget set is usually fairly low (typically around $30-$40). While you don’t want to go the gag gift route, per se, funny gifts are always a hit. Read this for suggestions on hilarious White Elephant gifts for your next party. You’ll know you’ve hit the nail on the head when your gift becomes the stealing target!

Nylon Shop Mermaid Knee Socks

Statement Socks

Everyone—particularly women—loves a nice pair of socks, and the cozier the better. From socks with dogs on them to thigh highs with pandas on them, nothing is off-limits these days. Holiday socks are all the rage, too, and Target usually offers a nice variety during the holiday season. But if you really want to impress your fellow guests, consider a pair of funky socks from From Hawaiian-themed and “Workaholics” to Scorpions and Chocolate Flags, these socks are anything but boring. And because socks come in fairly common sizes, they are a great option when you need to buy something that will fit nearly anyone.



Pajamas can be a funny gift, especially since it’s a dirty little secret that many of us wear them well into the day (okay, night). In fact, some people consider Sunday to be an all-day pajama fest. Hey, no judgment here. Whether it’s a plaid PJs, footie pajamas (yes, they offer these for adults!), or Grinch PJs, these gifts will not only get a giggle but also they’re likely to be stolen … a lot. If you want to appeal to your guests who like to push the limits on when and where they can wear pajamas, you must consider these corduroy PajamaJeans. Imagine wearing them all day long without anyone around you having a clue. How glorious and yet scandalous at the same time! Looking for something a little different, a little cozier? Check out and find some pajamas you’ve never seen before.

cb2 Damn Good Coffee Mug

Cheeky Coffee Mugs

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All you have to do is troll social media for ten minutes and you’ll see at least 20 memes about being addicted to coffee. Ahhh, caffeine—she is, indeed, a wicked master. Those of us who partake will pretty readily admit that we don’t just want the coffee—we need it. Hey, it’s not like it’s crack, okay? Make your fellow coffee addicts feel better by getting them one of the many cheeky coffee mugs that are on the market. From the downright offensive (you know you’ve seen them) to the mugs that measure when it’s safe for you to talk to said coffee drinker, people love their cheeky mugs. Of course, there’s the always popular “There’s a Chance This Could Be Wine” mug that does well in any mom crowd. These are consistently a huge hit at White Elephant parties.

pot weed cannabis beauty skincare products

Cannabis? Yes, You Can!

Well, this obviously depends on what state you live in, but cannabis or hemp beauty products are all the rage. Because of its proven healing and antioxidant powers, cannabis has been becoming more mainstream as part of many people’s beauty routines. There are even hemp hand creams and Cannabis perfume, but what is sure to get a giggle at your White Elephant party is the Weed Soap-On-A-Rope! It’s seriously adorable and it works well on skin to boot. Whether your party is on 4/20 or not, this is sure to be a hit (pardon the pun).

White Elephant gift parties are a hoot and, if you follow this guide for hilarious gifts for your next party, you’re sure to be invited back next year.