Dedicated: Keep Your Wedding Dress Classy and Affordable

Planning a wedding sure is a lot of work, as there are so many aspects to consider. There is the food, the venue, the guest list, and of course, the bride’s attire. How can a bride look absolutely radiant on her big day without splashing out and spending most of the budget on a gown? Well, there are plenty of affordable options out there, and they won’t look tacky or cheap either. An ivory wedding dress is a great solution if you want to spend less yet still up the style factor.

The Intrigue of Ivory

Many brides are going for an ivory wedding dress these days, as women are seeking to divert themselves from the old-fashioned values of yesteryear. It is not uncommon to see brides dressed in shorter cocktail dresses, gowns with halter necklines, or a complete departure from the iconic white dress. Pink, tan, ivory, and even black are being seen on brides as they walk down the aisle. Moreover, choosing a color other than pure white may help you scrap some dollars off of your final dress expenses. White is still the go-to color for traditional brides, which causes retailers to amp up prices for these kinds of dresses.

Play with Patterns and Styles

You should also remember that your gown can be a reflection of your personality and sense of style. Therefore, you shouldn’t be afraid to play with a variety of textures, patterns, and silhouettes. An ivory wedding dress may be long, short, or somewhere in between. Perhaps you want cut-outs or a certain silhouette. Maybe the addition of pearls or diamonds on the gown would boost the wow factor. Choosing a flattering and engaging cut or style for your gown can help to play up the romance and elegance.

Don’t Forget These Extra Fees

It is easy to look at the price tag for a gown and think that this is the total cost of your dress. Yet many wedding dresses will require alterations to some extent, be it taking the dress in, lowering the hem, or something else. Please consider these additional costs before you purchase your gown, because the worst thing would be for you to buy the dress and then realize that you don’t have sufficient funds to get it tailored to fit properly. You want to look your best on your big day, so keep these considerations in mind and factor them into your wedding planning and budgeting. You will be glad you did!

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