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Labret piercings are all the rage and it’s not hard to see why; they look sexy and chic, suit every face type, make you stand out, and are simply fabulous! However, most people in oblivion tend to confuse this kind of piercings with ear piercing, when in fact the two procedures are poles apart. To make the matters worse, the word “labret” also defines a specific stud, often used in lip piercing. The labret in its true connotation, as a placement and a piercing name, describes a specific type of a lip piercing that is done through the lower lip, at the exact center and not to the side.

When piercing is done, the stud is not actually attached to the lower lip and doesn’t even pass through the lip. The right way is to pierce just above the chin, at the place where the lower lip curves down to meet the chin. In fact, most old scholars consider this to be the only true position for a labret. Historically, a plethora of tribal cultures have been found to wear jewelry in or near the lips, as a form of tribal marking. These piercings were construed as a rite of passage in to adulthood, or defined the social class of the wearer.

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Since the drilling is deeper in to the mouth when it comes to a labret piercing, the labret stud, with an adorning ornament on the outside of the mouth and a disc on the inside, is the only choice of jewelry. This allows a comfortable clearance to wrap around the lip while reducing contact with the bone structure, gums, and teeth within the mouth. No worries, because the market is sprawling with myriad labret styles to make up for the lack of options.  Choose one that defines your style at Wholesale Piercing and recreate the ultimate look of rebellion and invincibility!

If you seek to infuse a gothic aura to your persona, the wholesale 316L steel lip labrets with acrylic cones in black hues would set the right tone.

For a lighter touch, the range offers myriad spirited colors to choose from.

However, if you are trying to unite your darker side with the perkier one, the wholesale surgical steel lip piercing labret with acrylic UV dices are the perfect choice. The dices would not only accentuate your chin, but the vivacious neon colors would have heads turning for an enviable second look.

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The 316L Steel lip labrets with acrylic balls portray the height of trendy fashion spree and the vibrant colors and exquisite designs offer a boat load of versatility. Some products, within the wholesale jewelry piercing range, incorporate gorgeous 3D designs within the tiny balls to lend them extra flair!

Saving something packing quite a punch for the last, the assorted 316L Steel lip labrets with UV balls are the ultimate “good boy bad boy” accessories. Available in an assortment of beautifully contrasting colors and patterns, the wholesale 316L Steel lip piercing with UV balls is a must have accessory if you wish to make a statement!

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