Dedicated: Make this Valentine’s Day One to Remember

Avoid the cliché, stale Valentine’s Day plans and do something that will really blow your hubby or boyfriend’s mind this year. Celebrating doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg, and with a range of activities and heartfelt ideas to choose from, you’ll be set to enjoy the occasion more than ever.

Skip the Restaurant

It’s easy to head out to your favorite restaurant for a simple Valentine’s Day plan, but the lack of effort and specialness of this date isn’t going to make the occasion memorable. Skip the restaurant altogether and come up with a more creative way to dine. One inexpensive way to really liven the evening up is to do a gourmet dinner right in the comfort of your own home. You can theme the meal around purported aphrodisiac foods or try your hand at exotic cuisine. If you’re not looking to get messy in the kitchen, order some of your favorite comfort food in and have a service like Seamless deliver it straight to your door. It definitely beats fighting the crowds and exorbitant Valentine’s Day pre-fixe menus.

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An Experience to Remember

Make memories that can last a lifetime and head out on an experience together. There’s nothing like a rush of adrenaline to help you bond even further, and a daredevil event might be just the thing to get the spark going on February 14th. Websites like offer a variety of experience activities that will have you two laughing and soaking up each other’s company. With options ranging from a trapeze session to bungee jumping, safaris to scuba diving excursions, you’ll definitely find something the two of you can both enjoy. The great thing about this year is that Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, so you’ll be able to spend an entire day celebrating, and one of these activities will definitely make for a day well spent.

Give Back

Want to bond, feel good about yourselves, and improve the world around you? Then consider spending your Valentine’s Day volunteering. For a holiday that is meant to celebrate love, there’s no better way to spread it than giving back to people in need. Whether you spend time at a local nursing home visiting with the elderly who might have otherwise spent the day alone, take sweet treats to kids staying in your city’s children’s hospital, or spend the evening serving up food to the hungry, volunteering together is a great way to strengthen your personal relationship. It’ll definitely be more meaningful and memorable than a tired dinner date.


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Presents Galore

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Don’t forget the Valentine’s Day gifts. The most loved presents are those that come from the heart, so do your best to avoid the practical and really look for sentimental gift ideas that will show your guy just how special he is. If money is tight, consider doing a handmade gift exchange. For an even more out of the box idea, consider holding a crafting night at your kitchen table and exchange your creations when you’re both finished; whether it’s a painting or a clay project, it’s more about spending time together than creating a masterpiece.  

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Get Dolled Up

Make sure you’re looking your best when Valentine’s Day rolls around and treat yourself (and your guy) to some saucy new lingerie. Find something that makes you feel sexy and confident and you both will definitely reap the benefits. Even if you decide to do a date night at home, don’t skip the primping. Dress up to the nines, splurge on a new dress, and get your hair done. He’ll surely appreciate the effort and you’ll feel gorgeous—it’s a win-win situation!

The Spa Experience

Spend a night getting in touch with each other by becoming personal masseuses. Grab some scented massage oil, light some candles, and strip down to create your very own spa resort in the comfort of your own home. After you’ve rubbed all the stresses of the week away, draw a hot bath and soak up some much needed down time.

Making this Valentine’s Day an occasion to remember is easy if you follow these tips. You can surprise your guy and create a memory the both of you will treasure for a lifetime—no clichés necessary!