Dedicated: Overhaul Your Home Decor on a Budget

Redesigning your home can be a costly endeavor, but there are budget-friendly switches you can make in your living space to follow current trends and form the oasis you’ve always dreamed your house could be. From locally-sourced items to strategic paint jobs, energy-saving lightbulbs to DIY projects galore, incorporate these tactics into your home and reap the rewards.

Red & Blue Wooden Mixing Spoons

Local Goods

Look around you and find out what you can get in your community from local artists. Whether it’s paintings for your walls, free trade kitchenware, or sculptures, buying locally usually means buying organically and will contribute to your town’s economy. These unique pieces can be interspersed with wholesale items for a unique look your friends will gush over, and make your home décor one of a kind.

A Nice Paint Job

An investment in paint is one of the most inexpensive but transformative décor techniques you can use in your home. This year, blue is in. Whether you go for a periwinkle hue or a deep blue wall, incorporating this accent color into your décor is sure to keep you with the trends. If you’re looking to paint with a tried and true, grey is your best bet. This cool color is easy to use in any room, and even easier to complement with décor pieces. This neutral is calm and soothing and can be used all over the house in varying hues for a modern appeal.

Kitchen with Beautiful Pink Shutters

Become Your Own Expert

Instead of contracting out projects, learn to be a fixer upper yourself. Perhaps it’s sewing fabric together to make pillow coverings that will bring a pop of color into your living room. If you want to revamp your bedroom, consider trying out a DIY pallet bed frame that will bring some rustic appeal into your home while serving a practical purpose.

Secondhand Sources

Don’t buy new furniture. The depreciation is a lot to take in, and you won’t find many deals at furniture stores unless you happen to hit it at the right time. Save yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars by shopping from secondhand stores and scouring resell websites like Craigslist. You never know when you’ll find a diamond in the rough, and with all the filters available on resell sites, if there’s a match out there to what you’re looking for, you’re guaranteed to find it.

Mix and Match

Avoid buying large matching sets of furniture or décor items. Besides looking much too matchy-matchy, this will also cost you a bundle. Instead, find corresponding pieces that you can meld together for an overall design mesh without spending thousands of unnecessary dollars. One of my favorite design techniques is to hunt down modern deals and mix these with antique pieces passed down from my family.

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One of the most effective changes you can implement in your home is improving your lighting. You can do this two ways: letting more light into your home, and improving artificial light sources. Get rid of heavy curtains that keep the sun’s rays from reaching inside your room, and replace with light, gauzy versions that will still provide the right amount of framing without contributing to a dingy room. If you need to improve your artificial lighting, think in terms of layers. Don’t rely on overhead lights to keep your space feeling bright; you’ll need floor lamps, table lamps, and unique light sources to really breathe some life into your home. Use energy-saving bulbs and avoid the harsh glow of fluorescent options that will give your home an unfriendly, sterile look.

Au Naturale

Another budget-conscious décor trend that’s picking up steam is the introduction of the outdoors into indoor living spaces. Bring beautiful plants in to breathe some life into your home. An herb garden in your kitchen is practical, smells amazing, and injects a bit of nature’s best into your kitchen. Want to extend this beyond the kitchen? Try an Urbio display in your living room, or cleverly arrange some succulents on a shelf in your bedroom. Plants offer multiple health benefits, and they look elegant with little effort, so consider incorporating them in your house wherever you can.

Updating your décor doesn’t have to break the bank. Try a few of these fixes for your design needs and transform your home in a jiffy.