Dedicated: Why More People Are Asking to Be Buried in Biodegradable Caskets When They Die

Eco-friendly funerals are becoming increasingly popular all over the world, with biodegradable caskets becoming a part of the process of planning a funeral for loved ones. Even individuals who use a resource like this one to plan out every detail of their own funeral service in advance will often make it a point to choose a casket that’s made of environmentally friendly, biodegradable materials.

Why are more people asking to be buried in biodegradable caskets? Keep reading to learn more about this important trend and to see why you should consider it as well.

Enrich the Environment, Rather Than Damage It

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Traditional burials and cremations are damaging to the environment, and they don’t allow the body to decompose back into the earth in order to nourish the growth of new life as it naturally should. With a biodegradable coffin and green funeral, which is also known as a natural burial, however, people can once again return to the earth from which they came.

So instead of embalming a body with chemicals and formaldehyde, and instead of using laminated caskets, chemical lawn treatments, and cement vaults, the burial can be done in a coffin that will eventually decompose and allow the body to become compost for new life. Ultimately, this is far less damaging to the environment than traditional burials.

There Are a Variety of Options

When it comes to green funerals, there are a variety of options, and green caskets that are biodegradable can be surprisingly affordable as well. In fact, many times, a green casket is going to be less expensive than one made of traditional materials.

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There are various types of caskets to choose from, including those that can be used for cremation services. A few of the biodegradable casket options that are available and that have become quite popular include cardboard caskets, bamboo caskets, willow caskets, and sea grass caskets.

Help Preserve Land and Regrow Forests

Those who are interested in having a green burial can even be buried in a way that will help new flowers and trees grow, thereby assisting in the regeneration and preservation of forests, rather than graveyards that have nothing but a few trees and a lot of headstones.

Again, the biodegradable caskets and the natural state that the body is buried in will ultimately allow the decomposition process to take place as it naturally would, and that will allow for the growth of new vegetation that will serve as a beautiful, living memorial to the deceased.  

Be Eco-Friendly to the End

People who lead simple, eco-friendly lives will definitely want to consider being buried in an eco-friendly way as well. In this way, their ideals can be apparent even after they’ve died, and they can contribute to the environment in a positive way, rather than making a negative impact with the end of their life.

As you can see, there are many reasons why green funerals and biodegradable caskets are becoming popular, and it’s very easy to plan this type of funeral today.