Dedicated: Popular Diamond Engagement Ring Trends for 2016

Diamond jewellery makes the perfect finishing accessory, whether it’s a pair of diamond earrings, a diamond pendant or a diamond engagement ring that she’ll wear the rest of her life. Especially with diamond engagement rings, a stand out piece often evokes emotions and memories of timeless and vintage romance or on the other end of the spectrum –a cutting edge new idea that sparkles even more.

What the Most Popular Jewellery Trends?  

The last year was full of vintage-inspired pieces and using floral accents in diamond rings especially. In addition, we saw a heightened popularity of mixing different metals and using coloured diamonds. If you are interested in seeing some pieces like that, visit the Diamond Jewellery Studio in Brisbane, which specialises in handmade diamond rings.

  • Vintage Inspired Pieces – These designs are inspired mainly by the Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco Era.  They traditionally feature intricate flowing designs of the Victorian era or more geometrical styles of the Art Deco era. While these types have pieces have been around for years, they’ve become more popular since the royal marriage of Prince William and Princess Kate. If you can’t find the timeless design you want, you can purchase wholesale diamonds in Brisbane and get a custom-made engagement ring.
  • Floral or Nature Inspired Designs- Designers are using floral motifs, sparking butterfly wings, and dangling vines to enhance the beauty of diamond jewellery. Engagement rings now feature diamond vines around a whimsical ring, while others include diamond chips shaped into rose bulbs on either side of the centre stone. These type of rings are ideal for couples that are planning an outdoor or garden wedding.
  • Coloured Diamonds and Gemstones – Engagement rings no longer have to be the perfect white diamond. In fact, coloured diamonds have become the craze, especially the Argyle pink diamonds, or the Yellow Canary Diamonds. Other couples prefer using a coloured gemstone like a blue sapphire and encircling it like a halo-style with diamond chips.
  • Mixing Metals in one ring – While this was common in antique and vintage rings, designers rarely mixed precious metals together until recently. Platinum bands are still the rage, but it’s become trendy to combine either platinum or white gold with a pretty rose gold. Designers use this idea most frequently in Halo designs and use one type of metal for the band and the other kind to showcase the circular ring of diamonds around the centre stone.    
  • Diamond Brooches – For a new trend this year, you can supplement your look with a diamond brooch, especially on your upcoming wedding day by adding as a hair accessory to a swept-up French twist. These pieces combine timeless classic with just a touch of modern flair.
  • Pinks, Purples, and Reds- In the last few months, various shades of pinks, reds, and lavender have been popular and profitable so look towards Argyle Pink diamonds, or diamond pieces, adorned with rubies or amethyst.

Have you seen any other popular trends for diamond jewellery? What are your favourite trends from this year and which ones will you be incorporating as you make your next purchase?

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    . Engagement is the start of new journey and if it is started with an diamond ring then the moment becomes more beautiful and memorable!!