Dedicated: What to Remember When Getting Bridal Makeup

Every bride wants to look her best on the wedding day. This is the reason meticulous detailing goes into her makeup, dress, accessories and every other aspect that would make her look perfect on that day and in pictures. This is why the women are very choosy when it comes to selecting their Wedding makeup services professional. However the brides-to-be must remember a few things to ensure looking their best on their big day;

Booking a Makeup Trial

It is important to book a trial makeup session with the selected makeup artist. This might seem overwhelming as it requires taking out time especially for makeup session but its benefits are endless. A trial makeup session will allow the brides and the artists in understanding the look that has to be achieved for the day. It will help understand the requirements of the bride better like switching to a different hue of lipstick later in the night and so on. Thus, the makeup artist can proceed accordingly and the bride will not have any issue in transforming from day to night makeup and looks in a smooth manner. After all the wedding day is not the time for experiment with makeup. The brides should ensure to look a best version of themselves.


Don’t Just Focus on the Face

Those brides who are wearing the wedding dresses that expose their chest, back, arms or legs should make sure to apply suitable products to these areas so that they appear the same tone as the face. Nothing looks odder than a face that features shades of skin nowhere near the skin tone of the body. It is wise to use nontransferable shimmer lotion. It is important that the brides or their makeup artists avoid using the products that can end up blotchy. To even out the skin tone of the body it is wise to use an effective body formula and mix a few drops foundation to it. This would work as an excellent base for any kind of makeup and shimmer later on.

Invest in Waterproof Makeup Products

The wedding is one day when everyone will want to kiss the bride and give her hugs. It is a day full of activities and fun and the bride may find herself dancing more often or even shedding tears of joy. In between the outbursts of the emotions the last thing that a bride would want is a sloppy face with makeup melting away. The ideal way to deal with this scenario would be to invest in quality waterproof products like;

  • Primer
  • Foundation
  • Setting powder
  • Blush
  • Eye shadow
  • Mascara etc.
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Never Forget a Touch Up Kit

The wedding day can be a long one with the celebrations and activities lasting for an entire day. The bride has to look picture perfect every second and thus, must ask her makeup artist for a touch up kit which ideally should include everything used on the face, so as to refresh the makeup anytime the brides wishes.