Dedicated: How to Return to the Dating Scene after a Pause

When a relationship ends, a person needs some time to get over a breakup and move on. This period varies from person to person and may last from one week up to one year. Staying single for too long may result in that you’ll simply get used to it and lose your dating skills and forget how to flirt. At the same time, if you rush into a new relationship shortly after your previous one failed, you take a risk of making the same mistakes. When is it the right time to get back in the game? The answer is: you’ll feel it. But when most singles begin to feel like dating someone, they find themselves at a loss because they don’t know where and how to start again. Dating experts from Your Dating brides give the following recommendations to help you restart.

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Make sure you’ve recovered from your last relationship. Some of your friends may advise you to find somebody new because they believe it will help you forget your ex. It’s a bad idea, actually. Dating a new person you’ll still be focused on your previous partner. Before you plunge into the dating pool after a breakup or divorce, give yourself a pause. Use it to analyze your and your partner’s faults, make conclusions, and let it go. Once you realize that you don’t get overly emotional at the thought of your ex and notice that you think about your future rather than your past, you are ready for something new.

Change your spirits. Failed relationships hurt our self-esteem and as a result, we lose confidence. It takes some time to believe in ourselves again. The best way to regain self-confidence is to surround yourself with people who love you and start doing your favorite things. You need to feel love and support from your friends and relatives and do the things that make you happy. This way, you will believe in yourself and take a positive attitude to life. And people who radiate positive energy easily attract the opposite sex.

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Know what you’re after. Although you can’t predict much when it comes to the relationships between a man and a woman, at least you need to decide what you expect from your next relationship. Maybe, now you want to find somebody who will become your spouse in the long run and you’re ready to build a relationship step by step. Or, maybe, you’re looking for a no strings attached dating. The point is that you should set an objective.

Let your friends into your plans. Your friends should know that you’re getting back on the scene again. Not only will they support you but also some of them may set up a date for you. Sometimes, your friends know what you really need even better than you, so don’t reject their offers.

Be ready for any scenario. Dating is a kind of game and you don’t know whether a first date will lead you to the next level or something will go wrong. Anyway, always use the “try again” option. There is no guarantee that you’ll immediately meet you soul mate. Be ready for rejections and embrace them in a light-hearted manner.

Have a good time on dates. View your dates as opportunities to get to know new people and have fun with them. Employ your sense of humor and keep a positive atmosphere. Humor helps people relax and if a person is relaxed, a conversation flows naturally and both interlocutors feel more comfortable in each other’s company. By meeting and getting to know new people, you’ll be able to get a clear idea of what you’re looking for in your potential partner.

Keep an open mind. You may have a list of requirements for your future date but you shouldn’t reject a person who is a bit different from your ideal. Also, try to look for a new partner in the new places because when you step on a new path, you boost your chances to find your destiny.

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