Dedicated: Using Coupons to Build Your Summer Adventuring Wardrobe

Once the temperature gets over 60°F, my weekends become opportunities to challenge myself to get outside. As far as beaches and other summer stereotypes go – Washington doesn’t have a lot of those, and in the islands where I live, you’re more likely to catch a cold on the nearest beach than a tan. Road trips are some of my favorite summer adventures, but I want to level up in outdoor prowess this year and in order to do that, I have to level up my outdoor gear, as well.

If you’ve ever stepped foot in an REI, you know that rugged outdoor outfits can very quickly run up astronomically large bills. You don’t want to skimp, though, because I assure you that you’ll notice the difference between the budget model and the genuine article once you’re in the forest getting caught in a rainstorm. Luckily, with coupon code sites full of opportunities for you to shave down those high quality price tags to something manageable.

Lindsay's Wearing: Varsity Jacket

American Giant

Hands down, they make the best zip-up cotton hoodies I have ever worn. I first tried American Giant a few years ago and was blown away by the high quality of their garments paired with their low-ish price tag. I know not everyone is comfortable paying almost $100 for a hoodie – I wouldn’t be either! Fortunately, PromosPro has all available coupons for American Giant listed on their website!

Outfit: Prana Cargo Skinny Pants


Some people think that prAna is just a “yoga clothes brand.” They are definitely missing out on some of prAna’s best qualities! Yes, they have crunchy yoga clothes, but they also have fantastic hiking-ready outfits and gear for your wilderness adventures. The best part about this brand, though, is their attention to design. Every garment is an equal balance of form and function. Now I know that I can save 10% by signing up for their newsletter!

PajamaJeans Corduroy Skinny Jeans - 41


If there’s one thing you should know about me after reading my website and social media, it’s that I’m obsessed with PajamaJeans. I have two pairs that are in constant rotation, and they’ve been all over the state with me on road trips and adventures. These pants are already affordable, but keeping up with relevant coupons and sales means that you could get a pair of PajamaJeans for even cheaper than their retail price! Get ready to be comfortable this summer!

Do you have a favorite outfit for adventuring? Where do you get its components? 

Leave your favorites below!