Dedicated: Say Yes to a Cheaper Wedding Dress

Weddings these days are more expensive than ever, so couples that are on a budget may find it difficult to make their wedding dreams a reality without breaking the bank. Thankfully, there are resources like that are designed to give you access to the best wedding venues and vendors at the lowest prices.

Beyond finding discounted vendors and venues, though, you can also save money on your wedding by opting to purchase a cheaper wedding dress. Keep reading to learn how to say yes to a cheaper gown you’ll love.

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Purchase a Used Designer Wedding Gown

Are you in love with a particular wedding dress designer but you simply can’t afford the price tags associated with those gowns? Then search online for sellers who are motivated to give you their used designer wedding gowns. Many brides know that they’ll never wear their dresses again, so they seek to make money on the gown by selling it. Provided that you can find the right style in a size that’s close to what you’d need to wear, you can have the dress tailored to fit your body perfectly once it arrives.

Wear Your Mother’s Wedding Gown

Vintage gowns are definitely in style, but rather than heading out in search of a vintage dress that will cost a lot of money, why not ask your mother, or even your grandmother, if she still has her wedding dress? You may be surprised by just how beautiful the gown is, and how easy it is to get the dress fitted to suit your frame.

Don’t Shop in the Bridal Section

When searching for a cheaper wedding dress, don’t shop in the bridal section of a wedding boutique. Instead, search for white dresses in the bridesmaid section, as you’re bound to find a variety of gorgeous gowns that you can wear as the bride. You can even shop for white gowns at large department stores or fashionable boutiques and purchase a dress that isn’t labelled as a ‘wedding dress’ but still looks elegant enough to be perfect for your big day.

Stick with Shopping Sales

To find discounted prices on the most beautiful wedding gowns, stick with shopping during the winter and summer seasons, as these are the times of year when old dresses need to be sold to make room for new styles. If you can’t shop during those seasons because your wedding day is fast approaching, you can simply ask the bridal boutique salesperson about any styles that are discounted.

Purchase a Sample Gown

The sample gown is the one that’s one the rack for all the brides to try on. But if there’s a discontinued style on the rack, you can ask the bridal shop if you can purchase the sample. After all, they’ll need to get rid of the sample, so they’ll want to at least make some money off of it, and you’ll likely get a very deep discount.

If you implement the easy tips and strategies above, you’re sure to find a cheap wedding dress that will be perfect for your big day.

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