Dedicated: Seven Affordable Ways to Set Up a Beautiful Dining Room

Having an attractive and inviting dining room can make all the difference when it comes to your home décor. By making sure that you have a beautiful space for the family to eat together,you can enjoy quality time as a family every day. It also gives you the space for entertaining guests, too. Fortunately, as it’s a room that only has one function, decorating a dining room doesn’t have to cost the earth. To help you on the way we’ve come up with seven budget-friendly ways to make your dining room sing.

Don’t be too fussy on furniture

While it’s nice have designer dining chairs and an antique dining table, in reality you can easily find budget versions that do the job. Keep an eye out for quality reproductions and you could have a stylish dining set for the fraction of the price and in a similar style.

Hit the flea markets

Keep an eye out for unique ornaments and furniture to give your dining room a touch of shabby chic. Salvage yards and online listings are also a great way to find those items that take the space where you eat to the next level.

dinner table

Don’t be afraid to cover it up

If you don’t have the best dining table or dining chairs, why not cover them up? By finding high quality chair covers you can easily make cheap seats look higher quality. The same goes for your table. A first-rate table cloth is cheaper than a first-rate table!

Don’t break the bank for your china

Having a dinner set for special occasions is a good idea, but it doesn’t have to cost the earth. While it’s nice having an expensive set of crockery, you can opt for a cheaper one and as you won’t use it often, it will be in better condition than your day-to-day plates and worth bringing out for those special guests.

Put up a wine rack

Having your wine on display is an easy way of giving your dining room a sophisticated look without having to invest in any expensive furniture. It also makes sure it’s within easy reach!

Mix up your furniture

There’s no rule that says all your dining chairs have to match. You can give your dining room its own unique look by choosing a variety of old and reclaimed chairs. Though try to make sure they are all at a similar height.

Get painting

If you don’t have the budget to buy new furniture, then why not get creative with what you have? By painting your old tables and chairs you can enjoy a vibrant splash of color by renewing you any tired old furniture at home.

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Don’t be too precious

At the end of the day a dining room is about friends and family coming together to eat delicious food. So don’t worry if your dining room isn’t replete with the most a la mode furnishings. Just make sure it is comfortable and let the food and your guests do the talking!

Images by Randall Degges, & Brandon Carson, used under Creative Commons license.