Dedicated: Tips on How to Use a Mandolin Slicer

If you’re looking for a way to make food preparation easier, a mandolin slicer may be the perfect purchase for you. These useful slicers can simplify food preparation and take the hassle and stress out of creating a delicious meal.

Cuisinart Mandoline Gilt

How to Use a Mandolin Slicer to its Full Potential

Here are some tips that can help when using your mandolin slicer, all of which should help appreciate this amazing kitchen tool.

Remember Safety First When Using a Mandolin Slicer

A mandolin has very sharp blades. Many people have cut themselves on them. That’s why you should use the hand guard that comes with the mandolin in order to protect your fingers.

The food you’re slicing should be firmly attached to the finger guard so that you can quickly slice the food, safely.

If you are really worried about safety, you should always invest in a cutting love which offers extra protection.

Make Sure You Have the Right Blade When Using a Mandolin

baby blue mandoline blades


Many mandolin slicers have 3 or 4 different blades. The blades click, slide or are inserted into place. Make sure you learn what each blade can do. You can learn this by trying them out. Use a potato to try out each blade when you prep for a meal. This means you’ll not only learn how the blade works, but you won’t waste any food since you can use it for your meal.

Keep the Mandolin Secure

One of the worst things you can do when using your mandolin slicer is to have the equipment sliding all over the table or countertop. Any movement while using the slicer can affect your results and pose a safety hazard.

To make sure the mandolin stays secure place it on a cutting board. This will hold the mandolin still and stop it from moving. The chopping board will also allow you to catch the slices and keep them from ending up on the countertop or table.

mandoline cutting onions


Many mandolins come with secure rubber feet, which will help stop it from moving. If the unit has feet you don’t need to use the cutting board, however, using the board will allow the slices to be collected. There’s a whole raft of kitchen mandolins out there, so understanding what’s on offer is important before purchase.

Keep Your Mandolin Clean

A clean mandolin will work better than a dirty one. Rinse the mandolin off with mild soap and hot water once you’re finished using it. This stops food waste from building up on the mandolin’s blades, which will dull them over time and stop the blades from cutting the slices evenly. Here are some good tips on keeping it clean.

Cut Things Down to Size

If you have a vegetable or fruit that is too big, then you’ll need to grab a knife and cut it. You want to make sure the food is the right size for the mandolin. Try to cut them in a uniform size to ensure consistency in your slices.

Smaller chunks of food will make slicing easier and ensure that the slices are perfect and uniform.

How to Use a Mandolin Quickly

When you run the vegetable or fruit over the blade, you must use rapid movements. The speed allows the blade to easily slice through the foods and give you perfect even slices that form an important part of your meal.

What Can I Create?

These are some of the top tips for using a mandolin. Here are some of the most delicious things you can create using the different types of blades that come with your mandolin.

Some great ideas include:

  • Coleslaw
  • French Fries
  • Onion Rings
  • Perfectly Sliced Cheese
  • Vegetable and Fruit Garnishes

French Fries Cut with a Mandoline


The mandolin is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Whether you plan on creating a family dinner or a gourmet meal, you can create many different meals with this slicer. By following the tips in this article you’ll be better able to use the mandolin slicer.