Dedicated: Top 9 Ideas Where to Go On a First Date with a Russian Woman

So you have a date with a beautiful woman and but never gone out with one before? Follow the tips below. Make sure you have a great time dating a Russian bride.

NUMBER 9 – Outdoor Activities

You want to show her what you are all about on the first date. Take her to the place you actually want to visit and do whatever you usually do. It is essential for your future relationships to show who you really are on a first date without wearing any masks. If you enjoy various backpacks and outdoors activities, take her down a river in a canoe or to climb a mountain.

In winter you may offer her a hike through the woods, snowshoeing or skiing. The key thing here is to assure that such kind of date is not too active for her (unless you know for 100% that she shares your views on outdoor activities).

NUMBER 8 –  A Flea Market

The first date is a great opportunity for you to get to know someone you see for the first time (even if you have spent a month chatting with her). What does she like? What would be interesting for her? Flea markets are full of interesting and unusual items, which you can watch together and pow-wow on them. Likewise, you will both have a chance to become closer and get to know each other.

Do not trust those who say that it is significant to spend a mint of money on a first date. On the contrary, many women feel embarrassed when men are showing the dollar value. A budget date, such as a hike to the flea market, will bring her attention to you, not to your wallet.

NUMBER 7 – A Rink

97% of all romantic comedies show that the classic first date should include ice-skating. The key thing here is to find out if she is able to skate. Likewise, you should be able to skate too (you don’t want to look awkward, do you?)

ROOM 6 – A Sports Event

It may sound weird, but sports events are considered to be a great place for your first date. On the one hand, you have enough time to communicate with each other, on the other hand, the event you are watching will give you a chance to take a breath. The main thing here is to pay more attention to your girlfriend, than to the score.

NUMBER 5 – A Breakfast

Sometimes, the food on the first date is not such a good idea. After all, you cannot help but talk with your mouth full, and the garlic sauce does not help your first kiss as well.

However, we still recommend breakfast as the idea for the first date. Breakfast does not sound as traditional as a dinner, of course. But it will be perfect, if you have a date with someone you met the previous night (at the club, for example). Take her to your favorite diner and have a French toast and a delicious omelet there.

couple kiss goodnight date love romance front porch

NUMBER 4 – Amusement Park

While searching a place for the first date you need to remember that it should be a pleasant atmosphere there. Furthermore, you want your first date to have a zing, don’t you?

Whether she wants to try a new amusement or share her deepest desires on an observation wheel, the Amusement park will fit perfectly.

Besides, the place you choose for a first date may tell a lot about you. Choose a usual place, she has already been to for her dates, and she’ll think you are boring and similar to her previous boyfriends; choose the amusement park, and she will think you are an interesting and unusual man.

NUMBER 3 – Recreational Park

This is the best place to go on a first date for 99% of women. Of course, everything should be planned in advance to make it truly interesting and charming.

Take a picnic basket full of different delicacies, and do not forget the dessert. Buy a kite, so that you and your woman can put it together there. Teach her to play Frisbee. Plan everything and you’ll surprise her.

NUMBER 2 – Zoo

Most people (especially single) haven’t been in zoos for ages, therefore, we can say the first date in a zoo will be a surprise for her. You will have a lot of topics for discussion there.

Another great feature is that zoos are usually visited by families with children. If you go with a woman in a bar and start buying her alcohol drinks one after another, it will definitely alarm her. Take her to a place full of children and koalas, and she will feel relaxed and free.

NUMBER 1 – Bowling

Bowling meets all the criteria as the place to go on a first date: it is interesting, unusual, and it is easy to play. Even if both of you are poor players, who cares? Show her how fun and exciting your company may be. Pay attention to her behavior as well. For instance, is it okay for her to play and have fun if all the balls hit the groove or she is too concerned about what people think about her?

All the tips, we’ve mentioned above, are worth considering, although do not forget about traditional romantic stuff Russian women see in American movies.

Probably watching Netflix.