Dedicated: 5 Vintage Pieces You Need This Summer From Nordic Poetry

The warmer weather is fast approaching and that means it is time to revamp your wardrobe and jump into some of the coolest vintage summer looks. If you are unsure of how to pull off these fresh and fun new looks, take a cue from our hints and tips below. This is going to be one stylish summer season if you follow some of our simple fashion guidelines. The best course of action is to choose something that makes you feel like the most gorgeous version of you!

Pretty Indian Prints

Indian Print Dress

Playing around with exciting patterns is always a lot of fun. This summer season, try out one or more of the patterns that are hot right now. The prints on this vintage Indian dress are easy breezy for those warm evenings out while adding pizazz during your day. Your summer fashion wardrobe can incorporate ankle booties and long necklaces to make this look really pop!

Bold and Colorful Pants

Bold Colorful Pants

Step back in time with a vintage pair of tailored trousers from Nordic Poetry. The great thing about these pants is that they totally explode with colour and add a fun, fresh summertime vibe to your outfit. Pair these trousers with neutral colours, such as white, brown, black, or you could also get away with a nice navy blue shade.

Camo is Back

Camo is Back Jacket

Yes, you can rock camo, you just need to have confidence while doing it! With a bold lip, pair your camo with other low-key features. If your jacket is camouflage, keep your pants simple, and vice versa. Don’t be afraid to try out camo pants either. You can bring a little bit of the ‘90s back with this vintage fashion trend, and just in time for summer!

High-Waist Slouchy Jeans

High Waist Slouchy Jeans

Before there were boyfriend jeans, women in the early 1990s used to show off their Chuck Taylor sneakers and ankles with these high-waist slouchy jeans. Due to the bagginess of these pants, you want to go with a top that is form-fitting such as a cropped tank or T-shirt. This keeps the style from looking like you’re wearing those “mom jeans.”

Bralette and Kimono

Bralette and Kimono Coat

A little East meets West action never hurt anybody. Go for this very vintage look from Nordic Poetry that combines the light and airy flow of the kimono with the sexy cheekiness of a bralette. High-waist harem pants complete the look and keep it from being too revealing. Free-form hair and minimal makeup are the way to go with this outfit.

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