Dedicated: Wise Tips You Must Consider Before Purchasing Engagement Rings

Buying an engagement ring can bring about a mixture of emotions not to mention worries about the financial perspective too. Knowing you are buying the right ring at the right retailer is a crucial part of it all. It will help you make a confident decision and be happy with the choice you make.  That is why we have developed a checklist that will help you make sure you are choosing the right ring and think about the correct things when going through the decision process.

If you are looking for bespoke engagement rings in Brisbane, there are a select few places you can turn to that will make your choice heaps easier. For example, Ring Leaders offers custom designed engagement rings and you can choose from over 400 ring designs to make sure you select one you don’t regret.

Before you go with the final design however, consider the following things:


  • Think about her day-to-day life

When buying the perfect ring you have to not get too swept away in the biggest most intricate designs. Think about her lifestyle and what she does for a living. Many women don’t want to take off their ring when they get to work, so if she works with children, is into sports or has a hands-on job for example, it’s probably best not to buy a ring with elevated diamonds or structures.


  • Always go back to the drawing board: her individual style

By now, you should know what she loves and what she doesn’t. Don’t think about this from your perspective but consider how she expresses herself when dressing for work or for social outings. Putting the pieces together will help you choose the right ring for her, not just for yourself.

When searching it can be useful to shop somewhere with a large portfolio of designs and ring styles that cater to a range of personality profiles. Visit as they have a large portfolio of beautifully designed rings. It surely is one of the perfect places to go to.

Talking to the jeweller helps you build a good idea of what will fit in with her individual style too.


  • Always be realistic in terms of budget


Overspending for the engagement ring may be extremely tempting but in the long run is not the wisest choice. If she found out you got into debt too, she probably would tell you to return it. So don’t overspend and be realistic as engagement rings are always more than you expected too. So go in with the right mindset and you will walk out with a stunning ring that doesn’t break the bank.


  • The shape is so important

Never forget how vital the shape is. Even with the perfect colour, clarity and carat in the essential four C’s, the cut of the diamond is super important. Knowing which shape your fiancé loves will help you choose the best engagement ring possible.

By following the above tips you can be certain of choosing the perfect ring your fiancé loves and not just for the short term but for the foreseeable future.