Fashion Formula: Crop Tops + Midi Skirts

When it comes to showing skin, I am a huge fan. It’s been a long road getting here, but I am finally getting comfortable with the idea of traditional summer attire like short-shorts and bikini tops. I’m even okay with crop tops – I love crop tops! But there’s no chance I’m wearing one unless I have something high-waisted below it. With the way my body is shaped & proportioned, I just need that waist definition or everything goes really wrong really fast.

Everyone who has owned a crop top in their life has worn it with a maxi skirt in the summertime – it’s a warm weather classic! And I have nothing against it. Except… it’s kind of boring now. No shade! I just think that you can take the crop top & maxi skirt master outfit and shake it up just a little bit and make it a whole lot better. For instance, how about crop tops and midi skirts?

Think about it: crop tops with maxi skirts elude a cool, summery, laid back vibe while on the other end of the spectrum, crop tops with mini skirts give off a very specific ingenue vibe. Kind of like Lolita meets riot grrrl – not a terrible look, if we’re being honest, but also not a look that everyone wants or needs in their life. Putting a midi skirt with a crop top adds a certain at the library for fun vibe to a crop top outfit that makes it a little bit sexier and a whole lot cooler. Kind of a Legally Blonde mashed up with Enid Coleslaw look which is just really yummy.

I tried out the crop top and midi skirt thing a few years ago when I wasn’t really sure how I felt about crop tops. (I’ve always known how I feel about midi skirts. ) I have to be honest: I liked it, but it made me feel very… visible, and I think it had a lot to do with the slinky fabric of the midi skirt – it basically felt like underwear which is both good (for my apartment) and bad (for not in my apartment).

So I’m ready to try again with some less flimsy fabrics – but I like the top! It’s barely cropped, but it made me feel very Celia Foote. Would do again. But as for the bottom, I need some inspiration.

Why, of course, I have ogle-worthy examples of what I’m talking about collected from stylish and beautiful women from across the web!

Crop Top and Midi Skirt Umilali Fringe of the Cro

Ulimali & Fringe of the Cro

Midi Skirt Crop Top Le 121eme Work it Berk

Le-21eme & Work It Berk

Crop Top Midi Skirts Elle May Leckenby Essie Golden

Elle-May Leckenby & Essie Golden

I love two-piece coordinate sets like the one on Essie Golden, but that’s a topic for a post I already wrote in that link over there. Elle-May Leckenby is my new fashion icon – her entire site is a gigantic pile of fearless outfit inspiration.

You can go pretty much any direction with a midi skirt and crop top, from super slick & nearly professional to totally comfortable farmer’s market connoisseur. You can make it tough or soft and feminine, or some cool combination of both. It’s one of the most versatile fashion formulas out there. I also can’t resist a faux leather midi skirt, so get ready to see that again.

I’ve done by best to channel the outfit proficiency of my muses up there to throw these separates together – everything is under $50!

Fashion Formula: Crop Tops + Midi Skirts (Under $50)

Nastygal One Stop Crop Top Missguided Utility Pocket Midi Skirt

NastyGal One Stop Crop Top, $22.80 (reg. $38)
Missguided Utility Pocket Midi Skirt, $34

BP Crop Tee Romeo Juliet Couture Floral Skirt

BP. Wrap Front Crop Tee, $24
Romeo & Juliet Couture Floral Knit Midi Skirt, $39.50 (reg. $196)

Naven Cropped Kimono Bagatelle Faux Leather Midi Skirt

Naven Cropped Kimono, $48
Bagatelle Faux Leather A-Line Midi Skirt, $48.30 (reg. $98)

Free People Crop Top Boohoo Floral Midi Skirt

Free People Surplice Crop Top, $14.49 (reg. $58)
boohoo Sahara Floral Print Midi Skirt, $30



Top image: Elle-May Leckenby

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