Dedicated: How to Create a Fashionable & Fun Holiday Photo Booth

Every year, I leave the holiday season regretting only one thing: my lack of photos. I never take enough photos of my family during the holidays! It’s like a curse, especially given my second life as a photographer. Frankly, it’s embarrassing. This is the year I vow to right my wrongs. And because I don’t want to walk around like a hired photographer the whole season, I’m stepping it up. I’m creating a DIY holiday photo booth.

Photo Booth Backdrops

Get creative about where you want to stage your photo booth. You can use a backdrop if you want, or just use a bare spot of wall to set the stage for your pictures. White sheets work surprisingly well as backdrops, but you can also step it up by creating a scene or vignette. Hang up an empty picture frame, add small furniture and create a story behind the photo booth.

Photo by Jenna Henderson via Ruffled

If you have great lighting, consider painting a large piece of inexpensive plywood with blackboard chalk paint. The matte black won’t give you unsightly reflections from lights or flash, and the colors on your guests clothing and your props really pop!

A lot can be accomplished with a shower bar placed between two walls of a hallway. Using curtains – even shower curtains is a great way to add dimension and atmosphere to your DIY photo booth background. Anything to add a cohesive color or texture to the background is good. Pieces of paper or metallic foils have a surprisingly impactful look!

via Oh Happy Day

Consider adding some nature into your scene. Fir branches, or holly boughs require no decoration when placed in a wintry setting. Using stuff you find outside is always going to be thrifty (with a bonus of smelling great).

Glitter Mason Jars via Knot & Nest Designs

Adding Fashionable Props

A key secret to a rich and beautiful photo booth setting is using vintage objects as props. There’s something undeniably charming about old things, and they look great in photographs. Popular items include telephones, kitchen items, mason jars, and typewriters. Going with the holiday theme, you could include a vintage punch bowl, vintage record player, or some vintage bells.

Giant Paper Flowers DIY via Design Sponge

If vintage isn’t your bag, take the luxe route. Find beautiful, affordable faux fur jackets, extravagant hats, and other treasures at local thrift stores and online. Pick up some costume jewelry and use it as sparkling decoration for your scene.

This is where you can really emphasize the style you want to emulate in the photos. Use StyleTread coupon codes to pick up beautiful accessories, or even a pair of shoes to place on a vanity or table in the background.

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How far you take the theme of your photo booth is up to you. How fun it is depends on how much you involve your family. If you’ve got some silly relatives in your bunch, costumes are a great way to get them comfortable in front of the camera. They’re also a hilarious way to make memories throughout the holiday. “Remember when Uncle Pat danced around in the 

Consider using a coupon to pick up a couple of hilarious or relevant getups for your photo booth wardrobe.

Tutorial via Studio DIY

Photo Booth Camera Setup

Whether you have a digital SLR camera, a point & shoot, or just a smartphone, you can make your photo booth into a hit. If you want a professional look, pick up a ring light or some soft box light stands to create an all-around, well-lit photo booth.

In a pinch, you can use pillowcases or white sheets to diffuse harsh lighting. You could even make like a pro and use a large, white sheet of foam board to bounce the light where you need it to go. Just be sure that the subjects of the photos are facing the direction the light is coming from so you can be sure their faces are well-lit.

After that, just get to snapping! Encourage your family and friends to laugh, play, and feel comfortable. Enjoy creating your memories!

Leave your favorite photo booth experiences and ideas in the comments! 

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